AML Compliance

AML Compliance

Create complete transparency and accountability in your organization

Omnigo Anti Money Laundering (AML) LCT/FINTRAC module delivers easy entry, filing and reporting of active large cash transactions tied to a person or transaction event, while providing a complete record for an individual subject's LCT transaction history.

The LCT/FINTRAC module records and reports Large Cash Transactions (LCTs) to Canada's Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (FINTRAC).


Secure Batch Filing

Integrates with the FINTRAC SecureLane

Supports FINTRAC PKI certificates for secure transmission

Collects multiple transactions for one LCT, including pit transactions, foreign exchange transactions, cash out transactions and cheque transactions

Automatically total individual entries for common transaction types (foreign exchange transactions)

Check and flag entries for procedural and filing format errors ensuring accurate and correct reporting

View the complete FINTRAC filing history for an individual transaction

Complete historical reporting, including successful/failed and detailed error messages

Support for export to PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Crystal Reports