Responsible Gamer Compliance

Responsible Gamer Compliance

Enforce socially responsible training and compliance

The expansion of legalized gaming around the world has been accompanied by social concerns about increased rates of problem gambling, the costs associated with those increased rates, and the industry’s responsibility for dealing with problem gambling. These concerns have grown in proportion to the length of time that gambling has been liberalized in different jurisdictions.

Worldwide, casino operators are being challenged to demonstrate that they employ responsible gaming practices. The onus in the future will be on gaming operators to demonstrate to the public, as well as potentially to a court of law, that they have implemented all reasonable responsible gaming “best practices” to protect the “vulnerable”. They must be prepared to show due diligence and a duty of care to their customers.

The Omnigo Responsible Gamer Compliance module enables casino operators to continuously measure, evaluate and improve their approach to problem gambling.

The program leverages problem gambling research to deliver a comprehensive set of advanced tools for Casino operators to implement prevention-based responsible gaming environments.

The iGap (Intelligent Gaming Analysis Platform) delivers a complete solution to capture and analyse data relevant to problem gambling behaviors. The information collected is analysed to identify and classify player risk.

The iGap platform ensures that Casino operators are meeting a minimum duty of care for their patrons and casino operations. iGap uses the iGMind (Intelligent Gaming Measurement Index) algorithm to analyse and generate a risk index for player gambling behaviour. iGMind powers the iGap by performing in depth analysis on slot play in the gaming environment.

As part of the complete Responsible Gaming Program, the iGap delivers a prevention-focused problem gambling solution contributing to social responsibility, risk management, and long term gaming sustainability preservation casino revenue streams and industry jobs.

Complete Customer Care

Responsible Gaming staff training for all casino staff

Patron Awareness

Incident tracking system

Facial Recognition based on Player Club Card data to allow casino operators to identify players displaying high risk gambling behaviors