Does Your Security Management Software Help You Meet Compliance And Create A Safer Workplace?

In 2018, healthcare workers accounted for 73% of all nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses due to violence — a statistic that is likely severely underreported.

The costs of safety and security failures in the healthcare workplace can have a negative impact on employees’ ability to care effectively for patients. It can also lead to increasing work stress, job dissatisfaction, lost time, and employee turnover.

Protecting those who care for patients is a fundamental healthcare industry value. Yet, healthcare professionals face a higher incidence of workplace violence than any other workers in the U.S.

To ensure workplace safety and comply with OSHA, The Joint Commission, and state regulatory requirements, healthcare facilities are required to effectively report, collect, monitor, and analyze workplace safety and security data — and put that data to work with proactive prevention programs that improve safety and security.

Learn how the right security management software supports the crucial goals of building a foundation of compliance and nurture a culture of security and safety.

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