security-1The Role of Healthcare Facility Security Teams in Emergency Management & Incident Command

When hospitals become the central hub of care for victims of a critical incident, security professionals are mobilized to implement the facility’s emergency management strategies. They’re also tasked with controlling unpredictable, changing conditions to keep patients and the public safe.


It’s a complex balancing act that requires healthcare facility security teams to rely on training and tools to be both proactive and responsive.


Download the free eBook to explore how and why hospital leadership is investing in Omnigo’s DISPATCHblue, the cloud-based end-to-end incident command software that helps security teams:


  • Effectively manage all aspects of a critical incident and the hospital’s emergency response through optimized situational awareness, layered communication, and detailed event documentation
  • Streamline and simplify day-to-day safety operations by automating time-consuming manual processes, improving inter- and cross-departmental workflows, and centralizing communications
  • Increase dispatch efficiency and reduce response times by integrating automatic call location and multiple map displays — necessities during routine and critical incidents

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