Asset & Fleet Management

Asset & Fleet Management

Gain insights about all assets and enable proactive maintenance to drive efficiency

Omnigo’s Asset Management provides complete asset visibility and tracking, and the unique reporting required to manage vehicle fleets.

Each asset is tracked from acquisition through disposition--from assignment to condition and value. The module provisions a Notes capability to create unique record-keeping and tracking both hard assets and consumables (ammunition). Agencies can generate reports by make, model, assignment (division or employee), disposition and any other criteria.

The Fleet Management module enables all assets assigned to a vehicle to be tracked together, including fuel, oil, maintenance and repairs, and warranty information. The module features a Quick Entry Form to record recurring data such as fuel purchase. With in-built machine learning, the module provides valuable information on fuel use, preventative maintenance, repairs and tire use: by vehicle, vehicle type, division, tire manufacturer/model and more.

Asset Management module delivers information on:

Name, asset number, description

Purchase date, price, vendor

Make, model, quantity, serial number, color, size

Current condition, location, value

One or more images of the asset

Disposal information including date and method

If the asset is assigned to personnel, a complete assignment history is maintained

Fleet Management module delivers information on:

Vehicle number, type, status

VIN, odometer, transmission, engine, tire information

Warranty date, provider, contract information

Complete maintenance history

Assets assigned to the vehicle

Fuel use management