Empower the community to work together in safety management

Fluid communication is crucial to success, especially in the security industry. Omnigo’s BOLO Reporting Module makes it quick and easy to share critical information with all the members of a group.

BOLO alerts are ideal for posting descriptions of suspicious individuals, activities, vehicles and other mission-critical information. The BOLO module allows users to post detailed bulletins, attach unlimited digital media, and share the information with everyone who needs to know. When a BOLO alert is issued, it shows up on each group member’s dashboard. Thus, it helps officers to complete their searches quickly when they have a specific idea of what they’re looking for.

The BOLO module is designed for rapid creation and issue:

intuitive user interface, logical report flows and notifications power the creation and publishing of BOLO alerts in the shortest possible time.

Until an alert is opened, each new BOLO alert will show up on the users’ dashboard in red.

The set release date feature allows users to post an alert that will be issued to the group at a future time.

The module allows officers to add unlimited digital media to every BOLO alert so other users know exactly what to look for.