Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

Ensure people, property, and process are aligned to established norms

Omnigo’s Code Enforcement module is designed to automate the critical business processes required for code enforcement by municipalities and counties.

Code Enforcement is a stand-alone application that can be combined with any of Omnigo’s Public Safety modules (CAD, RMS, JMS, Court) to create an integrated system that meets specific Agency needs.

The Code Enforcement module empowers municipalities and counties to collect and maintain the information required to ensure code compliance and improve officer safety and productivity.

Enforcement officers can maintain property information based on addresses, type of structure including history, occupants, owners, floor plans, and photos. All addresses are verified automatically with existing and external databases, and permit applications are processed electronically, including new construction, renovation, demolition, occupancy, and more.

The module helps create custom permits that can be designed using system and user defined fields. All scheduling, including Inspections and re-inspections, appointments for inspectors are all handled electronically, using custom designed inspection forms that offer user defined fields. The module is designed for use in the field through our mobile license and wireless connectivity, while ensuring office-based personnel have access to the latest data in real-time.

Officers can also deliver detailed violation notices with photo proof attachments. Code Enforcement is set up and running in days, with a rapid return on investment as agencies automate workflows and increase revenues, even while offering contextual customer services.

Code Enforcement enables agencies to:

Manage property by address and type of structure, including history, occupants, owners, floor plans and photographs

Manage permit applications including construction, renovation, demolition, occupancy and more

Manage inspections including re-inspections

Manage inspection schedules for multiple inspectors

Access and share safety related information with CAD and Law Enforcement Records Management

Issue citations and warnings

Deliver services on the field through mobile licenses

Issue detailed violation notifications with photo attachments