Jail Management

Jail Management

Simplify and deliver superior experience for officers and inmates

Omnigo Jail Management module (JMS) provides full detention management capabilities for municipal and county jails of all sizes.

As with other products in our portfolio, it is integrated with the records data to offer a seamless product experience to manage both inmates and facilities.

At the time of a booking, JMS provides a comprehensive medical intake questionnaire and an inmate assessment to determine appropriate levels of confinement. In the event of previous incarcerations or encounters within the Records Management software, the information is automatically utilized in order to reduce data entry. At both booking and release, Omnigo NCIC interface (an add-on module) can perform wanted checks and the property section handles all inmate property including receipts.

The module provides real-time information including restrictions and alerts, medical events and medication dispensing logs, planning and tracking inmate activities within the facility and so on. The integration with the records data allows officers to track aliases, known associates with gang affiliations, and links to criminal activity that could lead to possible conflicts.

The JMS module also handles visitations through full visitor control, including printing visitor’s badges, wanted/warrant checks, and acknowledgement of privileges.

ITI’s JMS includes a full inmate bank and has optional interfaces for third party Commissary systems. Additional interfaces are available for Live Scan and Victim Notification. The standard reports include Social Security Administration reporting and other mandatory and relevant reports. The Query Report Writer (included with all modules) allows detention facility managers to create custom reports on any data throughout the system.

Jail Incident Reports are standard with the JMS module, allowing corrections officers to report non-criminal incidents. Additionally, incidents can be documented through photos utilizing the in-built Photo Management, allowing officers to manage Inmate Restrictions in the same screen.

Omnigo Jail Management module helps account all expenses and activities of a facility in granular detail.

Features Include:

Full documentation of Inmate Activities

Medical Intake Questionnaire, documentation of Medical Events, Medications and Dispensing

Inmate Overview Page with quick access to pertinent information

Known Associate Linking with Gang Affiliations

Visitor Control including printing visitor badges

Full Inmate Banking System

Optional interfaces available for interfacing to third party commissary systems