Leveraging security management software to address gaps caused by the labor shortage.

Whether you’re dealing with disputes, workplace violence, internal hazards, weather disasters, or a public relations crisis within your organization, managing and maintaining a safe and secure environment is paramount to your mission. Remaining vigilant yet agile is a 24-hour job.

Now, more than ever, the security industry needs to overhaul its practices and adopt an all-hands, all-hazards approach, but it couldn’t come at a more challenging time. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4 million people quit the workforce in July of 2021. A number of those people came from the public security sector, and it’s no surprise to many.

Staying ahead of threats while keeping pace with best practices can tax your organization, and leave the door open for internal threats and hidden vulnerabilities. Regardless of labor shortages, it’s essential to keep everyone safe and stay in control and compliant with federal and state safety directives.

Learn how Omnigo can help support your work – even in the face of ongoing labor shortages.

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