evidenceEnd-to-End investigation and Case Management in One Integrated Solution


Taking a single case from crime scene to court involves an estimated minimum of 1 terabyte of digital evidence submitted through numerous sources.


Many agencies lack the time and resources necessary to appropriately preserve volumes of evidence. However, risking a broken chain of custody — and compromising evidence admissibility — is never an option.


Omnigo’s end-to-end investigation and case management solution manages evidence from dispatch to disposition — all in one integrated digital ecosystem.


The mobile-enabled, cloud-based platform is designed to streamline evidence collection, storage, management, access, court presentation, and disposition to help you:


  • Minimize evidence preservation risks
  • Handle high-volume media files
  • Ensure a fully auditable chain of custody
  • Present court-admissible evidence
  • Reduce agency time and labor costs

An End-to-End Solution from Crime Scene to Court details how this one secure solution suite serves all stakeholders while protecting privacy, ensuring transparency, and demonstrating accountability at every step. Download this valuable Omnigo infographic now.

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