Visitor Management

Maintain a Secure Premise with Complete Visibility of Employees and Guests and Streamlined Check-In and Check-Out Processes

Enhance safety, protect visitors and property, and simplify check-in and check-out procedures for employees and visitors. Omnigo's visitor management suite easily collects and recalls accurate real-time data related to current and pending authorized visitors. Manage and track visitor information in one place for complete visibility while providing a positive and seamless experience for employees and guests. 

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Public Safety Management Software Created by Law Enforcement Professionals

Dispatch and records management software created by law enforcement veterans and enhanced with feedback from our customers. ITI has been setting the standard for superior public safety management for nearly three decades. You can customize an affordable system using only the most beneficial modules to meet your specific needs.

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Report Exec

Comprehensive Reporting Solution Helps Streamline Operations

There's a reason Omnigo Report Exec has been the trusted leader of reporting software for over two decades. Through a combination of industry expertise and customer feedback, we've created a superior end-to-end solution that is easily configurable to meet your specific needs.
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Incident Reporting and Risk Management for Security and Surveillance Departments

Designed as the superior multi-departmental, multi-property solution for Security and Surveillance departments, iTrak delivers a comprehensive, secure platform for daily reporting, incident management, and subject profiling, with the ability to provide complete investigation management, interviews, and risk analysis and assessment
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Omnigo Mobile

Spend More Time in the Field and Less Time in the Office Writing Reports

Save time and focus on what's most important with Omnigo Mobile, which enables security officers to spend more time in the field and less time in the office writing reports.
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Asset Management

Automate Inventory and Maintain Accurate Asset Records

Omnigo Asset Management is the superior end-to-end inventory system for managing all assets, consumables, and returnables in one centralized, mobile-enabled system that's easily accessible by all agency units.
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Rhodium Incident Management

Plan, Respond, and Recover with Rhodium Incident Management Software

A comprehensive security event planning solution, Rhodium helps ensure security teams are ready to mobilize and act quickly when it matters most. From day-to-day incidents to large-scale, multi-agency responses, it intuitive and scalable to any situation --- and is now deployed by hundreds of public safety organizations.
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Create a Safer Community with Omnigo Community Mobile Personal Safety App

A sensible solution for lone worker protection, Omnigo Community connects your employees, visitors, or students to your security or safety personnel with a convenient, easy-to-use mobile app.
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Guard Tour

Improve Efficiency and Increase Accountability with Omnigo Guard Tour

Monitoring numerous checkpoints can be a challenge. Ensure your security team checks the right places at the right time and can easily report on their findings. Utilizing self-contained electronic check-points at various locations, Guard Tour is designed to handle the proof of presence reporting needs for any size business.
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Jail Management

One Tool to Track All Inmate and Facility Details

Omnigo's Jail Management Software (JMS) provides full detention management capabilities for municipal and county jails of virtually any size. JMS provides both inmate and facility management in one simple-to-use package that allows you to track every detail associated with the inmates, expenses, and activities of your facility.
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Omnigo Courts

The Only Solution You Need To Handle Today's Changing Courtroom Environments

The growing demand for virtual courts and the volume of digital evidence flooding the system continues to challenge the courts' ability to receive, evaluate, protect, and present digital evidence. With Omnigo ICMS Courts, evidence can be easily captured, stored, and processed for analysis and presentation in court.
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Digital Evidence

Manage Digital Evidence in a Centralized Digital Ecosystem

Create an entire digital ecosystem from capture to disposition of files that come from multiple sources such as cell phones, professional cameras, police car camera systems, and video surveillance cameras - all in one centralized repository.
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Physical Evidence

Ensure a Complete Chain of Custody

Replace outdated paper-based manual processes with Omnigo Physical Evidence Management - a secure, all-in-one automated system that manages the entire process, including intake, inventory tracking, and item check-in/out.
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Visitor Management

Safe, Secure Visitor Management Eliminates Person-to-Person Contact

Maintain the safety and security of your facilities and enforce health protocols with Omnigo Visitor Management, which uses an automated check-in/check-out process that eliminates the need for person-to-person contact.
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Reliable Industry Experts

With a team that includes former law enforcement, first responders, and other public safety professionals, we’re uniquely qualified to understand exactly what you need to protect your community.


Streamline and Automate Processes

Technology is always evolving, and it can be difficult to ensure your software is equipped with the latest features and upgrades. You can trust that Omnigo's secure, end-to-end solution suite will always stand up to your challenging work.

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