A One-Stop Shop Is Not One Size Fits All


When the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office decided to start looking for an updated evidence management system, they quickly realized their existing Omnigo Evidence Management System was the superior solution on the market.

With Omnigo, Putnam County is able to eliminate manual data entry, easily purge outdated evidence with automated notices, and ensure chain of custody is being maintained.

“We used to do it [evidence input] three times – in the initial report, then in the QueTel system, and then the evidence personnel would have to manually put the stuff in and affix a barcode to it. Now it's put in one time, and it's electronically transmitted.” Sgt. Ron Frank, Manages property and evidence for Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

Learn more about why Putnam County continues to trust Omnigo for their evidence management with our case study, “A One-Stop Ship Is Not One Size Fits All.”

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