Thermal Scanning and Intelligent Identity Recognition

SHELDON is an industrial-grade thermal scanner and visitor intelligence platform that delivers rapid ROI by helping you manage entrant screening at scale. Touchless and easily-implemented, it detects threats to both health and safety while alerting operators and storing entrant data where needed to support ongoing risk management.

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Ensure Cleanliness and Sanitation at Your Facility

CleanTraq is a sanitization compliance software for facility management divisions and businesses. CleanTraq records alerts of events and incidences requiring deep cleaning and sanitization of locations where there is dense people traffic. It then helps create cleaning workflows, enforces sanitization processes, and records mandatory compliance for cleanliness, and helps businesses enable a Safe Return to Work for their employees.

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Visitor Management System

Maintain the safety of your facilities by automating your visitor check-in/check-out process.

Global events are changing business outcomes and bringing on economic pressures. As organizations try to grapple with this, critical processes cannot be stopped. In order to deliver safe work environments for workers, Omnigo Safety@Work is our effort to bring solutions that are relevant to today’s needs.

Visitor Management System