Ensure Safer Tomorrows

Omnigo's public safety, incident reporting, and security management software enables people across many industries and professions to make their worlds more secure.

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Prevent, detect, and respond to potential threats more effectively

Ensure safety today and reduce future risk for your organization. Empower your team with solutions that facilitate effective prevention, early detection, rapid response, smooth remediation, and simplified incident reporting.

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Incident Reporting Software

Streamline and automate reporting with software that enables you to easily record incident data, maintain accurate records, and compile reports.


Records Management System (RMS)

Optimize departmental and reporting processes, and ensure NIBRS compliance with a fully integrated reporting solution.

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911 Dispatch

Provide your dispatchers with the tools to accurately capture information and quickly transfer it to emergency first responders in the field.

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Visitor Management

Maintain full visibility of everyone visiting your facility with pre-registration, registration, approval, management, and custom badging of all guests.

Mobile Public Safety App

Empower your community and streamline communication between users and security staff via an easy-to-use chat interface.

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Prevention & Awareness Training

Help your students, employees, or community members recognize and avoid potential incidents with engaging, informative online training.

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Guard Tour

Document and track proof-of-presence tours with an integrated mobile solution that automatically generates status of required, completed actions.

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Protect Your People

Ensure the safety of your guests, students, employees, or community members by equipping yourself with the right tools. Omnigo's public safety software enables you to prevent, detect, and respond to threats more effectively so you can maintain the safest environment possible.

Safeguard Your Brand

Your brand's reputation is crucial to your organization's success. Omnigo can help you create the safest environment possible to prevent potential incidents—and, ultimately, protect your brand against negative publicity and lost revenue.

Secure Your Property & Assets

Prevent damage or other losses from negatively impacting your bottom line. Make sure your hard-earned business is supported by fully integrated surveillance and security software to better protect your property and assets.

Explore Additional Safety and Security Resources

Keep your organization's people, property, assets, and brand free from harm. Learn how to improve your organization's safety and security.

Top Organizations Trust Omnigo to Ensure Safer Tomorrows

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New York Casino Hits Jackpot with Fully Integrated Security and Risk Management Solution

Resorts World Casino NYC turned to Omnigo for help implementing a user-friendly, high-performance security risk management system that is saving the casino thousands of dollars, time and effort per year.

Renowned Children's Hospital Finds the Cure for Its Evolving Security Needs

Seattle Children's Hospital transformed its incident reporting and management processes from reactive to proactive with Omnigo's incident reporting solution.

College Scraps Paper Reporting: Security Officers Enjoy Streamlined Operations and Faster Response Times

St. Olaf College turned to Omnigo to implement a fully integrated platform that has improved communication between the institution, security, and the student body and increased parking ticket revenue, providing an excellent return on investment.

From Dispatch to the Field, Seamless Information Improves Communication

By deploying the fully integrated Omnigo platform, officers reduced report writing time by 50–80%, depending on the type of case or incident. Built-in data analysis tools allow administrators and elected officials to identify crime trends, recognize needed resources, and plan budgets. Having access to real-time statistical data helps police departments become more efficient and effective operations.

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