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Why Your Organization Needs an Omnigo Cloud Solution
6 Ways Surveillance Teams Can Improve Loss Prevention
Ensuring Safe and Legal Play on the Floor
6 Ways to Justify Records Management Software for Your Department
4 Ways to Justify Advanced Incident Reporting Software
Does Your Digital Evidence Management Solution Meet Complex & Evolving Demands?
Your Clery Compliance Cheat Sheet: The 4 Essentials to Look For in Your Reporting Software
The Importance of Digital Evidence in Defending Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Claims
9 Dispatch Capabilities You Should Never Be Without
The 4 Best Report Exec Features for Corporations
9 Steps to Meet the Joint Commission's New Workplace Violence Standards
3 Risk Factors That Could Break the Evidence Chain of Custody
Utilizing Advanced Technology to Enhance Surveillance
5 Essential Factors to Consider when Selecting Your Next Records Management System
How to Shift from Reactive to Proactive Surveillance Operations
4 Ways to Justify Your Need for an Advanced Surveillance System
The Role of Healthcare Facility Security Teams in Emergency Management & Incident Command


Incident Report Writing and Records Management Systems for Clery Act Compliance
Using Technology to Reduce Incident Response Times
Improving Communications with Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS Departments
How Mapping Capabilities Improve Dispatch Efficiency
Using Technology to Ensure Compliance
Trust the Cloud: Safeguard Your Data and Streamline Processes
How Data Accessibility in the Field Improves Community and Officer Safety
Are You Maintaining NIBRS Compliance?
Prevent Workplace Violence with an Inside-Out Approach
Campus Security: Using Incident Reporting to Measure and Report ROI
How Cloud-Based RMS Solutions Reduce Risk in Times of Crisis
The Next 5 Years are Crucial: Why Digital Evidence is Both Your Biggest Challenge and Your Biggest Opportunity
Preparing for an Evacuation: 8 Must-Have Capabilities To Look For In Event, Crisis, & Evacuation Planning Software
Does Your Security Management Software Help You Meet Compliance and Create a Safer Workplace?
Leveraging Security Management Software to Address Gaps Caused by the Labor Shortage
5 Reasons Corporations Need Incident Reporting and Security Management Software
Educators at Risk: What Steps Should You Be Taking to Prevent Violence Against Educators and Staff
Why Comprehensive, Centralized Investigative Tracking Capabilities Are Essential to Your Department
Hotel Workers at Risk: What the Hotel Industry Can Learn from the Healthcare Industry About Workplace Violence Prevention
Healthcare Security and Safety: Compliance and Joint Commission
9 Advantages of Combining CAD & Incident Command & Planning Software
The Need for Dispatch Mapping Capabilities When Every Moment Matters
How Accurate Data Reporting & Analytics Impact Security in Healthcare Facilities
The Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Software for Evidence Management
The Benefits of an Evidence Management System with Mobile Capabilities
The 5 Biggest Pitfalls of Having to Wait for Investigative Data
Using Technology to Reduce Incident Response Time
Streamlined Collaboration and Efficiency in Incident Management
Healthcare Workers at Risk: Problems, Solutions, and Priorities for Preventing Workplace Violence
Empowering Students: A Crucial Campus Safety Resource
Integrating Mobile Solutions in a Security Environment
Leveraging Business Intelligence in Security Strategy
The Right Way to Respond to Bullying Claims in Your School
Increase Community Safety by Simplifying Report Writing for Officers
Address Labor Shortage Gaps with the Right Incident Management Software
Educators at Risk: What Steps Should You Be Taking to Prevent Violence Against Educators and Staff
Using Digital Evidence to Defend Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Claims in the Gaming Industry
How Incident Reporting Software Can Help Improve Casino and Gaming Ops

Product Sheets

Omnigo Guard Tour
Omnigo Community
Omnigo Community For Education
Omnigo Courts Solution
Report Exec for Education
Omnigo Asset Management
Omnigo Digital Evidence
Clery Reporting Module
Omnigo Jail Management
Omnigo TraQ7 Digital Evidence
Omnigo Investigation and Case Management
Omnigo Command and Planning for Education
Omnigo Command and Planning
Report Exec for Healthcare
iTrak for Gaming/Hospitality
Omnigo Mobile for Public Safety
Omnigo Command and Planning for Healthcare
Omnigo Community for Healthcare
ITI for Public Safety
Report Exec for Corporate
Omnigo Courts for Court Clerks and Liaisons
Omnigo Courts for Judges
Omnigo Courts for Court Deputies and IT
iTrak for Corporate
Report Exec Modules

Case Studies

Prince William County PD's Manual Asset Management Evolves to Realize Efficiencies
From Dispatch to the Field, Seamless Exchange of Information Improves Hazelwood PD's Communication
Evergreen Public School's Security Officials and Students Benefit From Enhanced Data Integration
Resorts World Casino Automated Security and Risk Management Solution Realizes Full ROI in Less Than Five Months
St. Olaf College Streamlined Operations Improves Safety Response Times to Better Protect University Students & Staff
Hilton Worldwide Global Hospitality Operations Achieve Improved Transparency, Security Process, and Reporting
Convenience of an Integrated Software Platform Benefits Greenleaf Hospitality Group's Multi-property Company
Changing from Paper to Online Reporting Yields Immediate and Effective Results for Signal Mountain PD
Franklin County's Multiple Safety Departments Unify with the Use of One Dispatch Platform to Improve Services
A California County Court Goes Virtual
A One-Stop Shop Is Not One Size Fits All for Putnam County Sheriff’s Office
Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Automates their Evidence Management Processes
Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Uses Omnigo to Reduce Workload
Renowned Children’s Hospital Finds the Cure for Its Evolving Security Needs and Capabilities
Toronto Zoo Uses Omnigo iTrak to Enhance Incident Tracking, Reporting, and Analytics
One University Uses Omnigo’s Incident Management Solution to Manage Football Games
How One University Used Enhanced ICS Forms for Superior Event Planning
Best of Both Worlds: Interfacing an RMS and a Dedicated Evidence System
City of Hope Uses Report Exec to Minimize Incident Rates and Workplace Violence
Martin Luther King Community Healthcare Streamlines Processes and Increases Awareness with Omnigo
Evidence Management Made Simple for the Minnesota Department of Revenue
Richmond Police Department Improves Evidence Management Procedures with Barcode Technology
City of Elko Uses Rhodium to Manage a Hazardous Materials Incident
Omnigo’s Incident Management Software Provides a Winning Solution During Super Bowl 2018
City of Plano Uses Incident Management Software for Tactical Callouts and Adverse Weather
Report Exec Helps OSF Healthcare Justify Their Need for More Staff, Equipment, and Safety Procedures


Education Solutions Suite Overview
Public Safety Solutions Suite Overview
Gaming/Hospitality Solutions Suite Overview
Healthcare Solutions Suite Overview
iTrak Solutions Overview
ITI Solutions Overview
Evidence Management Overview


End-to-End investigation and Case Management in One Integrated Solution
Plan Better. Respond Faster. Recover Stronger: Incident Command Planning
IAHSS Survey Shows Hospital Assaults Have Hit an All-Time High
2022 IAHSS Crime Survey Results: Violent Crimes in Hospitals Increased