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A Path To Judicial Equity

Empowering court users should be at the forefront of a court’s efforts to ensure the administration of justice is streamlined, efficient, and accessible to the self-represented and underrepresented. Omnigo trial presentation software can help achieve it.




omnigo trial presentation software, trial exhibit software for court presentation

Easily and Securely Receive Court Exhibits

Maintain and enhance your chain of custody by streamlining intake of electronic exhibits to your courts before hearing dates using a secure cloud portal available to all parties.

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Keep the Chain of Custody

Create a traceable and auditable record of every submitted exhibit including who viewed it, when it was viewed, and how it was viewed.

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Easily Upload and Manage

Remove the burdensome process of physically receiving digital court exhibits via thumb drives and DVDs by directing parties to your custom court portal for remote uploading of all file types.

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Share for Discovery

Uploading parties, clerks, and judges can share court exhibits with other parties by creating a secure Virtual Viewing Room that uses dual-authentication security and timebound limitations.

omnigo trial presentation software, trial exhibit software for court presentation

Simplify Court Exhibit Preparation and Presentation

Simplify the preparation and presentation of court exhibits using powerful search capabilities, detailed audit trails, and an intuitive presentation approach that can work seamlessly with your existing Court Management System.

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Preparing Exhibits

Quickly locate court exhibits using search criteria such as Department/Location, Hearing Date, or Case/Citation Number - then preview each and admit, mark, or leave as viewed.

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Inspecting Exhibits

Easily inspect the history of court exhibits with one click viewing of metadata showing all operations performed including uploads, views, shares, and updates by individual and date/time.

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Presenting Exhibits

Confidently control the presentation of court exhibits from and to a variety of local or remote display devices, including resizing images or playing - previewing each using the film strip feature.

omnigo courts trial presentation software for exhibits

Automate Court Exhibit Return and Disposal

Automate the return and disposal of court exhibits by automatically notifying submitting parties and utilizing workflows to take action per court stipulations and retention policies.

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Alerting Exhibit Owners

With a one mouse click, a court authorized user can mark a case as completed and start an automated workflow that sends a disposal date email alert to all parties with uploaded court exhibits.

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Authorizing Disposal

Exhibit Custodians receive automatic alerts for cases requiring further review with the option to accept or reject disposal, returning court exhibits to the clerk.

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Statistical Reporting

Personnel time and data resources can be efficiently managed using standard and custom real-time statistical reports including Total Uploaded Exhibits and Total Exhibits Purged.

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Protect Your Omnigo Investment

Included with every product, Omnigo EverSure is a unique blend of ongoing training, consulting, and support services that continuously protects and increases the value of your investment as your business evolves.