Report Exec Merges with ITI!

| 1 MIN.

Today we are announcing that Competitive Edge Software (Report Exec) and Information Technologies, Inc. (ITI) are merging to create a new company that immediately establishes itself as a leader in the public safety and security management market.


Who is ITI?

Based in St. Louis, ITI provides a comprehensive cloud-based platform that addresses the law enforcement market. The platform includes modules for computer-aided dispatch, records management, jail management and court administration. (


A Perfect Fit

Report Exec and ITI are an ideal combination. ITI has focused exclusively on serving the law enforcement market and has developed solutions compliant with NIBRS and other state reporting systems. Report Exec, on the other hand, has expanded its offering to serve a wide variety of industries and continues to add functionality to appeal to its broad client base. Our new combined entity presents a one-of-a-kind platform that can leverage its unique position across end markets to accelerate innovation while helping to make the world a safer place.


What does this mean for you?

Our number one priority will always be providing world-class service and excellent software solutions. Moving ahead, you can look forward to improved features and expanding functionality as we leverage the strengths of both software platforms. We couldn’t be more excited about taking this step as a combined team, and look forward to growing together as one strong and innovative company.