Enhance Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Field and Improve Reporting


Save time and get back to focusing on what's most important with Omnigo's intuitive, flexible Public Safety solutions suite.


Gain Efficiencies and Reduce Redundancies in Reporting

Keep personnel and the public sector safer with an easy-to-query dataset for fast, on-demand information when and where you need it.

Plan for Fast-Moving Situations, Then Respond and Recover

Our mobile, cloud-based solution allows users to store all pre-plans in one centralized location, so stakeholders can easily access critical information

Safeguard the Integrity of Digital and Physical Evidence

Streamline your evidence management process so you can maintain chain of custody and manage property from intake through disposal on virtually any device

Deploy, Manage, and Monitor Your Resources

Empower your dispatch with the most responsive tools available, allowing your team to focus on protecting and helping people



Comprehensive CAD, Command, and Planning Capabilities for Law Enforcement

With the introduction of CADblue, Omnigo continues its tradition of market leadership by consolidating dispatch, command, and planning capabilities into a turnkey solution specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement and public safety. With the addition of command and planning capabilities, CADblue extends a robust suite of tools beyond the dispatch center to enable the support of incident commanders, specialty response teams, special event planners, and more.


Key capabilities include:

  • Modern incident creation and unit assignment process, supported by click and drag and command line options
  • Pre-configure specific run cards and unit assignment groups based on incident type
  • Interface with best of breed solutions for E-911, NCIC, NFIRS, and more
  • Configure pre-plans for specific locations, planned events, or incident types
  • Manage on-scene resources, tasks, and checklists on a map-centric common operating picture

Regardless of the size of your response, CADblue helps streamline and simplify processes and level up your tracking, reporting, and data analysis.



Whether it’s planning for a cat in a tree or a Cat 5 hurricane, Dispatch+ helps relieve manual workload and provides a centralized location for all documentation and ICS forms


Manage events live and quickly communicate and collaborate with all necessary stakeholders.


Increase CAD efficiency and improve emergency outcomes by automatically locating calls and simultaneously displaying multiple maps.

ITI Helps Improve Communication, Streamline Processes, and Increase Situational Awareness

Created by a law enforcement veteran and continuously enhanced with feedback from our customers, ITI has been setting the standard for superior public safety management software for nearly three decades.


Access the Info You Need Wherever You Are

Our user interface remains consistent wherever you access the software, while advanced search features provide quick access to data

Streamline Data Flow and Eliminate Redundancies

Data flow is streamlined across our entire product suite – from CAD to Jail Administration

All-in-One Solution with Only the Features You Need

Simply begin with the Public Safety framework, then add the modules you need

Make Tech Issues a Thing of the Past

Eliminate the need for hardware or IT staff with a cloud-based solution that includes free updates, upgrades at a predictable cost, and our unparalleled support


Enhance Community Safety with Regional Data Sharing

Public safety agencies need to be able to share information quickly and securely. With Omnigo Regional Data Sharing (RDS), neighboring agencies can view each other’s data.

  • Define and Track the Exact Fields Being Shared
  • Save Time on Data Entry via copy and paste
  • Allow partners access via RDS without actually divulging credentials to their system

Securely Communicate Wherever You Are

Omnigo Mobile Patrol provides dispatch and related information to mobile computer-equipped patrol units.

  • Make inquiries into the local or NCIC database for persons, property, or vehicles
  • Securely communicate with other officers and dispatch on a variety of media
  • Initiate and respond to Silent Dispatches from CAD
  • Make Unit Status changes for en route, arrival, in and out of service
  • View calls for service and vehicle positions along with routing information

Records Management System (RMS)

At the heart of the RMS is Offense/Incident Reporting, a robust data entry tool that speeds up the collection, reporting, approval, and dissemination of criminal activity and incident reports. The Offense/Incident Reports feature also collects statistical information for use with NIBRS, UCR, and IBR interfaces.


Features Include:

  • Citations/Summons
  • Accident Reports
  • Arrest and Booking
  • Field Interview
  • Officer Daily Reports
  • Warrants
  • Case Management
  • Solvability
  • Case Notes
  • Photo Lineups
  • Persons
  • Racial Profiling

Omnigo Supports Your Investigation Every Step of the Way

At Omnigo, we’re well aware of how important it is to have immediate access to the data you need most – especially when every second counts. Investigation Case Management eliminates the time and manual workload involved with extracting information from mobile devices.


Easily Create a GPS Timeline

All captured GPS data is plotted on a Google map making it easy to see when and where someone was located, search within specific time frames, or map data points

Eliminate Manual Workload

Rather than having to wait for your forensic team to parse the data for you, you can access an easy-to-understand view of mobile data within minutes

Multiple Ways to Search for Info

Multiple searching options make it easy to find data in phone logs, contacts, text messages, and browser history

See the Big Picture

With quick, convenient access to so much information, it’s easy for investigators to track trends and uncover potential connections


Communicate a Clear, Straightforward Story of the Crime Scene

Collect and Manage All Digital Evidence in a Single Place

Store traditional, structured records data and all multimedia together in one place, ensuring you meet regulatory standards, and data can be easily found, viewed, and expunged.


Create a Full Chain of Custody

Create a full audit trail and place monitoring and logging mechanisms to ensure evidence is handled correctly with a complete chain of custody.

Enhance Security and Ensure the Right People See the Right Things

Security control measures help make sure only the people who should see the evidence can view it, including outside sources



Safeguard the Integrity of Digital and Physical Evidence from Crime Scenes to Courts

Our end-to-end solutions streamline your evidence management process so you can maintain chain of custody and manage property from intake through disposal on virtually any device.


Generate, Share, and Convert Files and Reports in One Place

Easily access evidence, share and request files, setup permissions and rules, and purge data when it’s no longer needed

Maintain Chain of Custody Reporting

Manage and store all digital evidence in one centralized location and quickly retrieve data when needed. Easily pull reports and give access to those who need it.

Encourage Community Involvement

Our community upload feature allows individuals to upload and track digital files easily and encourages citizens to take a more proactive approach to sharing evidence

Mobile Upload and Tracking

Use virtually any device to upload and manage evidence, record interviews, convert photos of handwritten documents into text, transcribe audio and video, and easily search through content


Omnigo Physical Evidence

Replace outdated manual processes with our secure, all-in-one automated system that manages the entire process, including intake, inventory tracking, and item check-in/out.

  • Maintain chain of custody from the crime scene to court
  • Receive reminders regarding evidence post-court
  • Quickly and easily find which items are available for each case

Omnigo Digital Evidence

Create an entire digital ecosystem from capture to disposition of files from multiple sources – all in one centralized repository.

  • Cloud-based solution reduces storage limitations
  • Civilian access to upload digital evidence
  • Review and process uploaded digital evidence easily and efficiently
  • Capture and upload critical evidence that only approved parties can access
  • Receive reminders regarding evidence post-court case or when the statute has expired

Omnigo Courts

Investigators can now gather evidence effortlessly from multiple sources and securely manage all digital evidence from capture to disposition.

  • Quick access for upload or download to create court and Judge ready evidence packages
  • Capture and upload critical evidence that can only be accessed by approved parties
  • Provide court clerks the ability to review and process uploaded evidence easily and efficiently
  • Utilize a traceable method for presenting digital evidence
  • Litigants can directly upload digital evidence related to their case

Jail Management Tracks All Inmate and Facility Details

Omnigo’s Jail Management Software (JMS) provides full detention management capabilities for municipal and country jails of virtually any size.


Ideal for integration with other Omnigo public safety software modules, JMS provides both inmate and facility management in one simple-to-use package that allows you to track every detail associated with the inmates, expenses, and activities of your facility.


Track and Record Information Including:

  • Inmate activities
  • Inmate overview
  • Visitor control/badge printing
  • Restrictions and alerts
  • Watch lists
  • Medical Events
  • Medications & dispensing
  • Alias tracking
  • Known associates/gang affiliations
  • Criminal activity

Improve Efficiency and Increase Accountability with Omnigo GuardTour

Keeping track of patrols and inspections can be a challenge. Ensure your team is checking the right places and collecting the right information, at the right time.


Mitigate Liability with Scheduled Check-Ins

Limit risk of liability with an audit trail and historical proof-of-presence reports that automatically generate status of required, completed actions


Protect Your Vulnerable Assets

Verify check-ins and required tasks are completed and recorded within specified timeframes


Increase Accountability and Productivity

Document incidents, noncompliance occurrences, completed tour actions, and upload digital media from the field with mobile integration


Improve Efficiency by Tracking Security Officer Activity

Unique guard IDs and proof-of-presence technologies automatically note tasks completed at designated checkpoints



Save Time and Get Back to Focusing on What's Most Important with Omnigo Mobile

Like any resource, officers’ time is limited, and every moment spent querying databases, typing longform reports, or jotting handwritten notes is a moment not used to serve an imminent need. Omnigo Mobile helps eliminate those challenges by speeding up responses and improving situational awareness, keeping officers and the public safer.


Reporting Capabilities that Enhance Efficiency and Accuracy

Enable your team to complete daily logs, document incidents, issue citations, upload digital media, and search report, contact, vehicle, and permit records, virtually anytime, anywhere.


Protect Your Community by Responding Quicker and More Effectively

Omnigo Mobile allows your team to remain active in the field, enabling them to respond quickly and record incident details in real time to ensure valuable intelligence is not lost.


Easily Access the Information You Need Wherever You Need It

Provide your security team with the ability to complete key incident reporting functions and conduct searches from any mobile device. Even without WiFi, officers can still record event details.


Streamline Inventory Management, Control Costs, and Protect Your Assets

Omnigo Asset Management, powered by QuarterMaster, is the superior end-to-end inventory solution for managing all assets, consumables, and returnables in one centralized system that’s easily accessible by all agency units.


Eliminate Cumbersome Spreadsheets and Paper Files

An efficient, fully compatible barcode tracking system makes it easy to control stock levels and quickly look up product information

Know Exactly Who Has What and Where It Is

Easily track who is accountable for apparel, equipment, and supplies that have been issued


Control Costs and Reduce Waste

Save time and eliminate paper with one centralized system that helps you control material costs and make more profitable decisions

Streamline Your Ordering Process

Track and manage equipment usage levels, avoid stock outages, and generate a report of items that have been issued to employees


Create a Safer Community

Omnigo Community connects your employees, visitors, and members of the community to first responders with a convenient, easy-to-use mobile app.


Helps Increase Community Trust and Safety

Users can anonymously report incidents or suspicious behavior to security via a simple, two-way chat interface that supports photo and video file attachments.


Communicate Quickly in Fast-Moving Situations

Notify users quickly with push notifications. Omnigo Community’s GPS capabilities enable messages to be sent to all users or those located in a specific area.


Know Where You’re Needed Most

Provide your community with an extra level of protection. GPS capabilities enable you to pinpoint where reports are generated, so you can quickly dispatch officers to a user’s location.



Enhance Safety and Streamline Operations with Report Exec

There’s a reason Omnigo Report Exec has been the trusted leader of reporting software for over two decades. Through a combination of industry expertise and customer feedback, we’ve created a superior end-to-end solution that is easily configurable to meet the specific needs of your organization, staff, and visitors.


Make More Informed Decisions

Report Exec organizes data from your organization in an easy-to-search database. Pre-formulated statistical reports, customizable reports, and a live data dashboard help you need to make informed decisions

Streamline Operations

Built-in communication features keep everyone on the same page. Customizable user roles and permissions ensure that everyone can access exactly what they need to effectively perform their duties.

Save Time on Data Entry

Eliminate time spent re-entering information by automatically populating known information. Quick-key codes and drop-down menus reduce the possibility for human error.

Justify Budget Requests and Maintain Transparency

Securing your budget depends on demonstrating department impact and responsible allocation of resources. Report Exec records and organizes this information to justify budget requests and maintain accountability.

Automate Your Reporting

Save your statistical reporting filters and set your ideal delivery schedule, and your reports automatically show up in your inbox. Automatic notifications for specified types of incidents or locations ensure that the right people are always kept in the loop.

Ensure Efficient, Accurate Data Collection

The tree dictionary-based system ensures that statistical reporting is more accurate and efficient with data collection that’s in your language and kept consistent throughout the organization.


About Omnigo

For more than 20 years, Omnigo software solutions have been the preferred choice for law enforcement, education, healthcare, gaming, hospitality, and corporate enterprises. Currently, Omnigo’s solutions are used by over 2,000 customers in 20 different countries. At Omnigo, we’re committed to helping customers secure their organizations’ property, control operational costs, and ensure the safety of the general public.

We believe our customers deserve the best support available to protect their people, assets, and brand. We also understand how challenging it can be to protect the community without the proper resources. We’re here to arm users with the best tools in the industry. With a team that includes former law enforcement, first responders, and other public safety professionals, we’re uniquely qualified to understand exactly what our customers need to protect their community.


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