Community Policing Campus

Community Policing Campus

Gather the community to collaborate with agencies for better safety

The Online Reporting module helps empower community members to take an active role in security.

Code Enforcement is a stand-alone application that can be combined with any of Omnigo’s Public Safety modules (CAD, RMS, JMS, Court) to create an integrated system that meets specific Agency needs.

This module provides a quick and easy way for people to submit information to authorities, and helps create safer communities at schools, university campuses and corporations, as well as in other community settings. The Online Reporting module creates a public website where community members can submit reports of suspicious activity, criminal acts, bullying, or similar incidents that require a response from a law enforcement agency. These incident reports submitted online will show up on officers’ dashboards for review and further action.

It keeps reporters anonymous and safe, while providing the real information for safety enforcement.

The public online reporting site is available to all those who have a link to access it. Organizations can distribute the link to the public website to their members, and publicize the site to encourage online reporting of criminal acts and suspicious activities.

Based on the agency preferences, system administrators can choose to require personal information from online reporters or allow users to submit reports anonymously.

The Online Reporting website is completely customizable, allowing agencies to capture relevant information to respond, and track each incident to resolution.