Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Accurately pinpoint known people to proactively remain safe

Omnigo Facial Recognition module delivers an automated, active, real time surveillance and identification solution providing event-driven alerts based on individuals under watch or excluded status.

This biometric solution replaces manual systems such as operator comparison of surveillance subjects to “mug” books, while automating database searches against the RMS subject information system. The module generates colour coded operator alerts with a match confidence level and presents both the live and stored database images, enabling the operator to make the final identification decision.

The module alerts are completely configurable to the level of detection and identification desired by means of the alert confidence level. Based on this confidence level, the system automates the subject database search, instantly narrowing down possible subjects from 1000's to one or more individuals in seconds. Once this match has been made, the full subject profile can be easily reviewed by simply double clicking the thumbnail image.


Automatic camera specific real-time alerts

Live classification & enrolment, 2D static image search

Easy-to-use interface provides simple access to alerts and closest matches

Thumbnail view of closest matches

Fast database searches

User definable confidence control for image matching

Colour coded streaming alerts based on confidence

Secure Database

Real-time subject enrolment

Comprehensive security permission settings

Complete alert link to subject physical characteristics, alias, group, details & incident history

Integrates seamlessly with the Incident Reporting & Risk Management System


Uses existing CCTV infrastructure

Built in TWAIN support for image capture and face ready enrolment

Image enrolment via scanner, digital camera or stored image

Log provides access to historical face images for offline subject enrolment at any time

Integrates into any security and surveillance environment