Guard Tour

Guard Tour

Ensure workforce and locations are safe with our mobile app

Omnigo Guard Tour is a mobile module designed to help guard and mobile security companies accurately document activities and tasks performed by their personnel. Utilizing self-contained electronic check-points at various locations, Guard Tour is designed to handle the proof of presence reporting needs of businesses: from small job sites to large multi-branch organizations managing thousands of checkpoints across hundreds of sites.

When integrated with Incident Reporting and Risk Management, Guard Tour provides automated entry of the patrol tour directly into Daily Log and Incident Reports for further investigation.

Once Guard Tour installs self-contained electronic check-points at the various locations personnel are required to inspect, the handheld data collection device is designed to handle the Proof of Presence Reporting requirements. The stored information is electronically transmitted, automatically creating or updating the Daily Log.

Liability Mitigation

Protect against lawsuits with an audit trail and historical reports that "prove presence"

Defend against liability for on-site injury by recording and tracking incidents and events.

Safeguard against insurance liability coverage increases by reducing the rate of claims.

Reduce unemployment insurance premium increases with "objective guard performance records" to justify any terminations.

Increased Accountability

Track movement of personnel

Ensure all checkpoints are visited

Summary reporting available for Risk Management oversight.

Threats to safety are reduced by more comprehensive patrolling

Increased Productivity & Accuracy

System keeps the officers "moving," covering more area in less time.

Clerical errors are eliminated by electronic data collection and reporting.

Handwritten log sheets and manual data entry are reduced/eliminated, saving hours each day

Decrease property theft by more comprehensive patrolling.