Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting

A flexible module to help capture a diverse range of incident information

Omnigo Incident Reporting and Risk Management System is designed to provide a highly secure, multi-property, multi-departmental solution for a broad range of transactions required by security, surveillance and risk management departments.

The Omnigo Incident Reporting module combines day-to-day activities into a single platform, allowing agencies to manage a range of operations from a single system.


Modular architecture enables clients to effectively customize the system to meet specific reporting needs

Lite, Enterprise and Software –as-a-Service (SaaS) configuration

Multi-language options

Home page for centralized overview

Customizable user defined dropdowns for standardization of reports, locations, etc.


Scalable client/server architecture provides a single centralized database for multiple properties

Integrated subject, personnel and vehicle management

Complete daily logs, incident reporting, including auditing and statistics

Extensive search engine


User, role and property security

Record archiving

Password protection

Exclusive record protection for confidential logs/investigations

Full audit trail


Drag and drop grouping and sorting

Time based, user, custom filters and favourites

Colour coded status indication

Quick, simple and advanced searching

Built in filtered data visualizations