License Recognition

License Recognition

Ensure safety by recoginizing known plates

The Omnigo Intelligent license plate recognition (iLPR) is one of the most reliable and mature video analytic technologies available today. From identifying known vehicles and their owners in the casino environment, to stolen vehicle identification in parking lots, the Intelligent License Plate Recognition (iLPR) platform combined with the Incident Reporting and Risk Management System, can improve the safety and security of both public and private facilities.

Using intelligent optical character recognition, the iLPR module accurately reads plates from virtually any country, state or province. When a known vehicle enters or exits a parking facility the iLPR generates automatic alerts, allowing the operator to review the vehicle and potential owners in question. This process offers an additional tool to increase the effectiveness of self-exclusion program and trespass management, while enhancing the safety and security of any risk managed environment.

The iLPR solution works for multiple traffic flow environments including surface and underground parking lots, as well as multi lane entrance and exit parking structures. The IP based LPR solution has the ability to read license plates spanning two lanes of traffic, while delivering superior plate reading performance, as well as capturing license plates of vehicles moving at speeds of up to 140 MPH or 225 km/h.


Integrates seamlessly with the Incident Reporting & Risk Management System

Multiple lane entrance and exit capabilities

Cost Effective

Client/server architecture provides a single centralized database for multiple properties

Maintains existing security and drop downs


Captures license plates of vehicles moving at speeds of up to 140 MPH or 225 km/h

International plate support

Intelligent plate matching optical character recognition

Real-time plate identification and alerting

Reads vehicles parked in parallel and at 45 degree and 90 degree angles


Encryption of Data collected

International plate support