Parking Permits

Parking Permits

Drive revenue and increase collections through online permits

Omnigo Online Parking Permit Registration module makes it easy for employees, visitors, or anyone else requiring parking permission to submit their registration information online. Organizations can control fields that are required to capture the information they need. With the Official Payments Integration, users can also choose to pay for their permit online as they register for their online parking permit.

All the necessary vehicle and contact information will appear in the RMS when a user logs in to retrieve the permit. Upon retrieval, users can verify the online parking permit information, make any necessary changes, and print the parking permit.

Records of the online parking permit are stored in the RMS database, and can be accessed through a variety of search options in the Parking Permit Tracking module.

Expedite parking registration—allow people to enter their own information online.

Parking permits can be securely purchased through the online module. Administrators may add area restrictions and expiration dates as they approve or deny online parking permits.

The permit use reviews the online parking permit registration, makes any necessary changes and prints the permit.