Prince William County Police Department turns to Omnigo’s QuarterMaster TraQ

While inventory and asset management isn’t a task that many look forward to in public safety agencies and first responder departments, it is critical to ensure smooth operations and prevent potential stock outages and under-equipped personnel. Many agencies and departments are still employing manual methods of tracking equipment and supply usage, relying on spreadsheets that require frequent updating or even hand-written documents that often get lost in the shuffle. Some, however, like Prince William County Police Department (PWCPD) in Virginia, are turning to software solutions to digitize this process and improve efficiencies.

PWCPD has been a long-time customer of QueTel Corporation. Following our acquisition of QueTel, they seamlessly became a member of the Omnigo family, taking advantage of our QuarterMaster TraQ solution for managing the materiel necessary to support officers in the field. 

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