Guard Tour System

Guard Tour System

Improve efficiency, mitigate liability, and increase accountability with Omnigo

Mitigate Liability with Scheduled Check-Ins

Limit risk of liability with audit trail and historical reports that "prove presence" by automatically generating status of required, completed actions.

Protect Vulnerable Assets

Vulnerable assets, such as vaults, specimen refrigerators, and vital equipment, create the need for regulated security checks. Verify check-ins and required tasks are completed and recorded, within specified timeframes.

Increase Accountability & Productivity

Document incidents, non-compliance occurrences, completed tour actions, and upload digital media from the field with mobile integration that helps officers cover more area in less time.

Track Security Officer Activity

Unique guard IDs and proof-of-presence technologies for Android/iOS mobile devices automatically note tasks completed at designated checkpoints by recording the time, date, and location and/or completing a custom, dynamic form. The system prompts officers to complete required, location-based actions and generates automatic entries into the Omnigo Incident Reporting platform. Offline capabilities allow tour completion in areas without network connectivity.

Scalable for Any Size Organization

Implement a cost-efficient, scalable solution capable of ensuring proof-of-presence reporting for both small-area sites with few checkpoints and large multi-branch environments with thousands of checkpoints across hundreds of sites.