Our customers are at the core of everything we do. Beyond the initial installation of Omnigo’s products, we offer world-class support to cultivate a lifelong partnership.



Customer Success

For non-technical requests, questions, or training/product inquiries

Email: Email your CSM directly or

Technical Support

Support Portal: 


Account number required for phone support. See CSM for access to the Support Portal where you can find your account number.

Technical Support: 866.421.2374

We’re Committed to Your Success

Our team aims to ensure you’re leveraging and getting the most out of Omnigo’s solutions.  As a partner, we will consult and guide you during the pre-sale and support you through the post-sale.

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Our Approach Starts with You

As our customer, you are at the center and heart of what we do.  We’re more than a solution to your challenges, we’re a trusted partner to your success.  We’re here to provide reliable, outstanding support while fostering a strong partnership with you and your organization.

Customer Success

Your main point of contact and the key to your success is your Customer Success Manager, who will help schedule training, provide information on additional relevant services and solutions, and ensure your complete satisfaction with Omnigo.

Professional Services

Ensure your entire process goes as smoothly as possible, from initial planning and implementation to configuration and post-checks. Our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible to start reaping the benefits of using our software.

Product Management

Technology innovation is at the heart of our product management team. As your organization’s needs change, our technology keeps pace. We listen closely to customer feedback and keep a pulse on market trends to develop capable solutions to serve your organization’s needs. 

Technical Support

Not only do we offer a web portal full of helpful tips and guidance, we also have technical support on hand to directly correspond during business hours, with 24/7  support available by phone only for critical application issues. They can also help you with an array of issues such as usability and stability problems, software installation, configuration assistance, migrations, software updates, and security and vulnerability patches. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Omnigo?

 Schedule a call to get started.  Our team of knowledgeable industry experts will take the time to understand your challenges and discuss your needs and schedule a customized demo to see how our all-in-one solution can benefit your business. 

Can I trial a product or solution before committing to purchase?

Trials may be available on a case-by-case basis.

How long does it take to implement a fully configured software project?

Timelines can vary depending on the selected solution, scope of project, integration features, and software implementation requirements.  However, the average implementation is around 45-90 days.

Do you offer unlimited training support?

We offer free training materials on our portal at The next level up is Omnigo University, which can be purchased as an annual subscription. Beyond that, our Professional Services team can help build a custom training package.

Do you offer customized training services?

Omnigo offers both web and onsite training that are tailored to each client’s needs. We also offer Omnigo University, our LMS system, with more generic trainings that cover full functionality.

Do you offer service plans? What are the options?

We don’t offer service plans, however, your software is covered with yearly maintenance that is included in the contract.

Is there a dedicated support team assigned to implementation?

Yes. Each software implementation is assigned a Customer Success Manager, who serves as your main point of contact; a Project Manager, who ensures the process goes smoothly and on time; Technical Support, available during business hours and 24/7 in critical instances; Product Management, responsible for providing product and technology innovation to assist as your organization’s needs change.

Is there a dedicated technical support team to assist users?

Yes, we have technical support on hand during business hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays. They can also help with an array of issues such as usability and stability issues, software installation, configuration assistance, migrations, software updates, and security and vulnerability patches.

How often are new versions developed? Are they automatic?

We target quarterly releases for most products. Depending on the product and current version, we can facilitate automatic updates, or work with our primary sponsors with each company to have them scheduled. Our on-premise customers would be required to schedule their upgrades through their Customer Service Manager (CSM). Depending on the level of upgrade, there may be additional fees required. If you would like to contact your CSM but do not have their direct contact information, please email

Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?

Our customers have the ability to upgrade at any time. We advise staying current with the latest versions to enable your organization to utilize the most current functionality available.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Contracts can be as short as one year, and renew on an annual basis.

Are Omnigo’s software solutions easy to use?

Yes, we offer intuitive, end-to-end, streamlined solutions that improve efficiencies and solve for the challenges of public safety, incident reporting, and security management.

Can Omnigo software be integrated with other 3rd party applications?

Yes! The list is extensive and customer-specific. Contact us with specific applications to verify compatibility.

Do you offer video and audio redaction services?

Yes, Omnigo provides an ad hoc option for professional redaction services. Utilizing our redaction services saves you time, money, and resources while promoting transparency and legal compliance.

How does Omnigo ensure security compliance?

Omnigo ensures security compliance through a robust, modern security program that is based on ISO27001/2 and the NIST standards, and includes, but is not limited to, controls such as network perimeter protection; security event monitoring; encryption of data in transit and at rest; access management based on least privilege and separation of duties; robust patching and vulnerability management; code scans and code reviews; vendor management; asset tracking; quarterly vulnerability scans; and annual penetration testing.

Is data encrypted?

All data is encrypted at rest (using AES256) and in transit (using TLS1.2).

Does Omnigo purge data?

At contract termination, customer data is securely purged or returned to the customer, at customer request. Otherwise, Omnigo does not read, edit, or remove customer data unless at specific customer request.

Are there career opportunities available at Omnigo?

Yes, Omnigo is growing and always looking for people passionate about ensuring a safer tomorrow. By joining the Omnigo team, you can expect a rewarding, exciting career with an organization that values a happy, healthy workplace, keeps the customer at the forefront of everything we do, champions innovative technology, and is committed to social responsibility.

Trust Our Industry Experts

Our team includes dedicated professionals with a background in public safety and security. You’re supported by confident, reliable experts who understand the challenges you face daily and are passionate about collaborating with you to create a safer tomorrow.


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