Central EMS Uses Omnigo's Incident Management Suite to Manage Football Games


“Central EMS has deployed Incident Command and Planning at evert Razorback home game this season. The log that is provided through Rhodium allows for immediate evaluation of the event and assists in identifying needs for future events.” Joshua Kuykendall, Battalion Chief, Central EMS



Central EMS, Fayetteville, AR



  • Efficient production of Incident Action Plans
  • Use of Incident Command System in daily operations
  • Accountability for large-scale operations including University of Arkansas Razorback games with attendance of over 75,000
  • Documentation and communication between commanding officers and the communication center during an event



Omnigo Incident Command and Planning, powered by Rhodium, provides an easy-to-use platform of tools that are robust and flexible enough to be molded to a specific agency’s needs and operations. Enhanced ICS forms, accountability, and real-time communication tools have assisted Central EMS in deploying the system as an effective means of incorporating ICS into their daily routine, as well as large event operations.



With only a two-hour training session, Central EMS dispatch and command staff users were able to efficiently deploy the solution. In fact, Central EMS reports that the incident management system is so user friendly that the officers have wanted to use it every day.

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