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Franklin County EMS Consolidates Dispatch

Police, Fire, EMS, and 911 Over Multiple Districts Share a Single Platform


“Omnigo fulfills our needs with an easily adoptable, user-friendly platform that merges all of our historical data, quickly pulls information from other sources, and provides the power and consistency we need to serve the community rapidly and effectively.” Abe Cook, Director of 911 and Director of Emergency Management for Franklin County Emergency Management Agency



Franklin County Emergency Management Agency (EMA)

Franklin County, Missouri



Covering five public ambulance districts, four fire districts, four municipality police departments, and a county sheriff’s office, first responders in Franklin County EMS were struggling with three disparate dispatch and reporting systems that did not communicate, requiring separate pieces of equipment to run and doubling the time it took to compile reports. 


“We have a myriad of incidents that require multiple agencies working in tandem to provide the proper response to emergencies,” Abe Cook pointed out. “Every season presents a new challenge: tornado season in the spring, fire season in the summer, lightning storms in the fall, and the occasional blizzard in the winter. All of these emergencies could require a multiagency response, sometimes with backup from agencies outside the county. We needed to be able to utilize detailed data to accurately predict where to commit our resources. It is our goal to dispatch the appropriate response as rapidly as possible, and Omnigo helps us achieve that.”


Prior to implementing Omnigo 911 Dispatch, the dispatch process required numerous, duplicative steps. First, the dispatcher would create a response plan in one system and then open a run card on another computer utilizing a different system. Next, they would return to the first computer to communicate with specific responders before switching back to the second system to write the report. The dispatcher would then go back to the first to duplicate the report. This process was redundant, labor intensive, and presented inconsistent results.



Before selecting the Omnigo platform, Franklin County senior administrators reviewed many similar platforms. During the transition, they used Omnigo as a backup for data and report information. After using the platform, experiencing the depth of its capabilities, and realizing how configurable it was to their needs, they quickly decided to use it as their primary computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system.


The Omnigo platform integrates data across numerous agencies and districts for a complete 911 dispatch, records management, and reporting solution. The system starts a run card, helps organizers determine a response plan, and provides a unified platform on which all responders can communicate and report.



By implementing Omnigo software across multiple agencies, Franklin County EMA reduced reporting time by half, improved communications, and simplified creation of response plans. The platform enables effective documentation, tracking, and analysis of historical data, so administrators can run detailed reports and gain actionable insights to continually improve services.


“The Omnigo platform provides dispatchers and agency heads with a common tool that enables a broader understanding of overall operations. They can quickly make critical decisions when creating a response plan by integrating information from the phone company’s ANI/ALI system with the dispatch map and historical data,” Cook pointed out. “Along with the customizable layout of the platform and a seamless user experience, the system provides a consistent interface across agencies. This is important when several parties are seeking information in a stressful and time-sensitive situation.”


Franklin County is located in the Midwest, making it susceptible to several types of potentially deadly natural disasters, demanding a rapid and effective response. Large- and medium-scale events require flawless communication both internally and externally with outside agencies, as resources arrive to help with response, support, and cleanup. The Omnigo platform enables organizers to proactively plan coordinated responses to these types of situations, ensuring effective management and the safety of the responders and the general public. 


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