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Hospitality Company uses one security platform for several properties.


“We work closely with the community, so I have highly recommended Omnigo to several organizations, including a state mental healthcare facility, with whom we periodically share data. We look forward to further customizing our database and streamlining our operations using the Omnigo platform.” Patrick Studabaker, Security Team Supervisor for Greenleaf Hospitality Group


Greenleaf Hospitality Group

Kalamazoo, Michigan


Prior to implementing the software, paper incident logs would be typed into a generic database, which was also intended for use by several other parts of the business for everything from reporting to scheduling. The database didn’t allow segregation between properties or stakeholders, so the generic approach limited the detailed reporting and access to critical data needed to offer full security to all of the company’s properties.


“The majority of security issues involved misbehavior by patrons of the hotel and arena, insurance fraud, counterfeit, theft, leaving without paying, and vandalism,” Studabaker pointed out. “Some of these incidents may have an insurance or legal element that could arise years later. For example, a lawsuit for a slip and fall might not appear until right before the two-year statute of limitations expires. Due to the narrow scope of incident reporting and evidence gathering, we found our previous system was inadequate for addressing the needs of the organization.”


The Omnigo Incident Reporting platform offers several functions to help improve operational efficiency, such as scheduling, data collection, customizable fields, and pattern reporting. Additionally, the software enables the company to consolidate its sizable banned patrons and trespassing list—another important benefit, as the properties are centrally located, in proximity to a fairly large vagrant population.


The Omnigo platform offers functions that fulfilled GHG’s list of needs. The system provides on-demand historical data by name, property, and infraction. Analysis of collected data allows stakeholders to identify security exposures that aid budget allocation to avoid liability.


“Prior to implementing the platform, GHG hired the former chief of police of Kalamazoo, who trained the team in report writing, terminology, and communication,” Studabaker added. “Because of the Omnigo system, our security officers are now the first point of contact in any incident for both internal employees and responding law enforcement.” According to Studabaker, the reporting power of the Omnigo platform has influenced the distribution of resources to certain critical areas of the business in order to better protect hotel guests and business patrons, as well as the interests of GHG.


By equipping all security staff with mobile devices and body cams, GHG gave security officers more access to detailed data from the field for writing reports. With fast, on-demand retrieval of historical data, security personnel are able to communicate better with local law enforcement, identify patterns of behavior, and compile a comprehensive body of evidence to defend against fraudulent insurance claims and civil lawsuits.


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