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Seamless exchange of information improves communication.


“Implementing the system throughout the department reduced the time to complete each report by 50-80% depending on the type of case or incident.” Glen Robinson, Civilian Administrator for the City of Hazelwood.



Hazelwood Police Department,

Hazelwood, Missouri



Just under 70 police officers (including investigators and support staff), as well as two 911 dispatchers per shift, operate in three shifts, requiring seamless communication to run a smooth and effective operation. Prior to 1998, the department communicated by radio, telephone, and fax. Officers and investigators reported case details to dispatchers by landline (cell phones were expensive) and reports were shared back and forth by fax, a time-consuming and arduous process.


Hazelwood P.D. wanted to modernize the dispatch, communication, and reporting system, while streamlining report writing and information sharing between officers internally and with other departments.



The Omnigo platform allows reports to be initiated by dispatch, real-time input/viewing of data, auto population of common reporting fields, access to suspect histories/notes, and sharing with other local, supported departments.


The detailed reporting and statistical data produced by the Omnigo system enables high-ranking officers and elected city officials to review crime trends, recognize districts that may need increased attention, and plan budgets around those needs. Having easy access to more detailed case reports and the ability to create visual representations using graphs and data points can help upper management identify areas of focus for officers and dispatchers. These tools allow a more streamlined approach to enforcement and improve the distribution of resources on a daily or shift-by-shift basis, helping police departments become more efficient and effective in their operations.



“Officers experienced seamless communication between everyone who inputs information into each case report. Once they realized that data fields of common reports they fill out several times in a shift would simply autopopulate, they were hooked,” Robinson pointed out. “Implementing the system throughout the department reduced the time to complete each report by 50–80%, depending on the type of case or incident.”


After his predecessor retired, Robinson took the reins as a civilian administrator who also oversees all of the computer networks and systems for the City of Hazelwood. Over his 20-year tenure, he has crafted the Omnigo platform to fit the department’s needs and been a staunch advocate, helping 25 other local departments launch their Omnigo systems. This widespread adoption of the platform has enabled Hazelwood PD and other departments to share information on suspects or criminal operations that commonly do not stick to one area, improving safety of the region overall.


“The Omnigo platform allows officers to add notes/observations and also gives them the opportunity to edit, redact or not share certain parts of information they deem sensitive,” Robinson explained. “Any time we’ve needed assistance during the 20 years we’ve been using the platform, Omnigo has been right on top of it with a hands-on approach to resolve any issues.”


“I can’t stress enough how easy and intuitive this system is and how great the company is to work with,” Robinson concluded. “Even when I was in the hospital, the Omnigo team visited me and kept the system running during my absence. When a server went down, they helped me install a backup, update the new version, and get it up and running even before I was able to return to work. They truly go above and beyond.”


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