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“The Omnigo platform has given us the ability to respond to emerging situations quicker. To be able to react dynamically to daily security changes is significant in any environment, but especially in a major city like Chicago. Having this capability is a tremendous asset to this facility in particular.” Joe Doa, Director of Safety and Security for the Palmer House


Hilton Worldwide 

McLean, Virginia



With 14 brands consisting of more than 5,400 properties and over 825,000 hotel rooms in 106 countries, Hilton Worldwide is a leader in global hospitality. As one of the largest hospitality companies in the world, Hilton needed a unified, scalable solution that would provide consistent security reporting across its properties and integrate with their existing systems.

Previous methods of recording, tracking, and reporting did not offer visibility or accessibility across departments or properties. With thousands of locations, the hotel chain needed a consistent reporting solution.


Omnigo’s fully integrated incident reporting and risk management software, incorporating the AdHoc Reporting, Lost and Found, Dispatch, and Mobile Patrol modules. 


The new platform provides consistent reporting across Hilton properties and complete integration with its existing systems, in addition to streamlining security processes and providing valuable insight into industry trends.



Hilton Worldwide has been able to gain greater visibility into its security, operations, resources, and staffing. On a regular basis, staff has identified incident trends based on the timing of increased foot traffic in the area. With this level of insight, they’re able to justify the need for increased patrols at certain times to maximize safety efforts and ensure guests feel secure.


In both Chicago and Arizona, the Hilton security staff have adapted the system to their specific locations—a key requirement due to the company’s diverse properties. When rolling out the platform at new properties, Hilton staff works directly with an Omnigo technical account manager to tailor the solution to each property.


The company’s security directors are continually finding new ways to use data-driven insights to enhance current capabilities, improve detection, lower the cost of response, and determine where additional solutions or outside help is warranted.


Hilton has expanded implementation of the Omnigo platform to an additional 136 properties in the U.S. with future plans to roll it out to additional locations.


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