Report Exec Helps OSF Healthcare Justify Their Need for More Staff, Equipment, and Safety Procedures


“With Report Exec, we can track and trend the four types of workplace violence. Before we would just have the information on an incident report, but now we’ve been able to track statistics and present them to leadership to show the uptick in workplace violence incidents. This has helped us get more equipment and staffing and put more safety measures in place.” Timothy Burke, Director of Security & Public Safety – Metro & Eastern Regions, OSF Healthcare



OSF Healthcare, Peoria, Illinois



Before deciding to implement a new records management solution, the security team at OSF Healthcare lacked standardization for their incident reporting processes, using different programs and formats that made it challenging to collect and compare analytics. Incidents were being categorized differently across sites, with some sites using paper and pen and others using a system designed specifically for clinical reporting that only allowed officers to write a narrative.


As Timothy Burke, Director of Security & Public Safety – Metro and Eastern Regions, already had more than a decade of experience using Report Exec, the team turned to Omnigo when they decided to standardize their incident reporting systems.


For OSF Healthcare, the major benefit of Omnigo’s Report Exec was that it was a one-stop shop for a majority of the services that security departments provide to healthcare organizations.


“Report Exec has modules for many of the services that security departments provide, so we don’t need to utilize multiple programs, multiple vendors, and different systems,” said Burke. “Report Exec hits on every need for security and incident report writing.”


Besides the ease of use and navigation, the team at OSF also chose Report Exec because of its wide range of features and modules:

  • Drop-down boxes minimize the need for officers to rewrite much of the information required for incident reporting
  • The 360 Analytics module allows the security team to benchmark statistics
  • The Lost and Found module makes it easy for the security team to track all lost and missing property in a single system
  • The Parking module helps ensure parking compliance and tracks the employee decal system


Report Exec helped to standardize the way the OSF security team reports incidents and activities across all sites. It’s made such a difference that, according to Burke, where they were once comparing “apples to oranges” when looking at incident trends and data, they’re now finally able to compare “apples to apples.” Being able to compare, the same “Incident Types” across all security departments has helped to identify safety trends with accurate data. That information provides a solid foundation to address any areas of concern.


“I always tell the officers, ‘If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen,’” said Burke. “Being able to document everything with Report Exec has helped us increase staffing, get more equipment, and justify our position in the organization.”


The security team has also been using Report Exec to track and trend officer activity and augment their staffing needs based on those statistics – adding staffing where needed and moving officers from sites that can’t prove justification for staff in their reporting.


Now that the team is using one standard, centralized program, they’re able run reports every month to show the executive teams what incidents and activities are happening at each site. The security team has it broken down into two categories:

  • Incidents in which they need to write an incident report
  • Activities that include how many doors the team opened, how many patient valuables they picked up and returned, how many nursing assistance calls they went on, and which of those activities required more detailed incident reports.

“The presidents of these hospitals are awestruck. Before, they’d hear about major incidents -- lockdowns, injuries, or theft that may escalate up to the C-suite -- but what they didn’t see is that security unlocked or secured 1,500 doors, picked up 150 patient valuables, and did 200 patient or visitor escorts in the past month,” said Burke. “Now they can really see the value of our security department.”

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