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Prince William County Police Department turns to Omnigo QuarterMaster

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“QuarterMaster allowed us to take what should be a six-person job and do it efficiently with just four people. The software even gives our team members time back in their days to do other important tasks – something that would never be possible with our old process.” Ross Randlett, Police Consultant for PWCPD



Prince William Country Police Department (PWCPD)




With over 800 sworn and civilian members, the four-person asset management team often found themselves overwhelmed. Previously, they were tracking everything in spreadsheets, but the department’s new scale of operation required a more robust solution.



Omnigo QuarterMaster helps keep the department as organized as possible. The system handles virtually every asset they have on hand, including vehicles, radios, uniforms, vests, and guns, with the highest level of tracking put toward the high capital assets. They can also monitor which assets are in which vehicle and with which officer.



By implementing QuarterMaster, PWCPD now has a clear picture of inventory levels, ensuring every item is accounted for at all times. They also use the system to monitor assets purchased with a grant and are nearing expiration, enhancing their ability to track budgets. 


“We use the full package,” said Randlett. “QuarterMaster has grown with us as a department and is our trusted asset management system that we can all rely on for transparency and organization every step of the way.”


While inventory and asset management isn’t a task that many look forward to, it’s critical to ensure smooth operations and prevent potential stock outages and under-equipped personnel. Many organizations are still employing manual methods to track equipment and supply usage. Some, however, like PWCPD, are turning to Omnigo QuarterMaster to digitize this process and improve efficiencies.


QuarterMaster is the superior end-to-end inventory solution for managing all assets, consumables, and returnables in one centralized system. 


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