One Sheriff's Department Uses Omnigo to Reduce Workload and Streamline Evidence Management 


 We chose Omnigo’s Digital Evidence Management System for a variety of reasons. It is web-based, SQL-driven, and the mobile app was a big selling point. We also liked the custom reporting, the system reliability, and the fact that we were able to import old data to simplify the transition from our previous system. All in all, the DEMS platform offers features far superior to what we were using previously.” 

Debbie Bussin, Assistant Director of IT at Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office 



Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, Sarasota County, FL 



The Sheriff’s Office IT department has a significant set of responsibilities. They support 650 sworn offers and handle everything related to technology and network security.  Their 60 staff members are called on to manage the RMS, Jail Management System, and Document Management platforms. Any tools that help automate their work are incredibly valuable. 


Historically, an officer would have to submit a help desk ticket for evidence – an incredibly archaic and cumbersome process. The Sheriff’s Office had implemented an evidence system previously, but it wasn’t effective. They required a more functional platform and to move away from outdated Access-based solutions.  



Omnigo’s paperless, easy-to-use Digital Evidence Management system allows the staff to view all key information in a single system, adding visibility and helping to streamline their entire evidence process. The user-intuitive system captures exactly what the department needs and ensures the chain of custody is maintained.



The new system has decreased deputy workload by reducing the time spent filling out reports. The platform also allows users to: 

  • Start a property report from their vehicle, submit evidence directly from the mobile app, then go into the system to enter additional information
  • Quickly upload photos and videos
  • Gather and input all the necessary data
  • Effectively track the chain of custody

“It’s easy and quick for deputies to use,” said Bussin. “They can start the property report in their car and go to the system to enter the information.” 

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