4 Ways to Justify Your Need for an Advanced Surveillance System

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Surveillance plays a crucial role in ensuring security, reducing losses, and protecting assets within any organization. Keeping staff, customers, and visitors safe has become more important than ever due to an increase in attacks occurring in both public and private settings. Yet Directors of Surveillance are often challenged to provide adequate security and justify purchases of additional resources.


For surveillance professionals, modern systems are essential to providing a fundamental level of security and safety. Advanced surveillance systems provide the ability to work smarter, save time, and even prevent incidents from occurring.


This guide will help you justify why an advanced surveillance system is crucial for your team and their ability to safeguard your organization and community.

Improve Tracking and Reporting

One of the highest priorities for any surveillance team is ensuring that only approved personnel, visitors, and customers are allowed inside your organization. However, keeping track of who accesses your property can be difficult, especially if there are multiple locations, entry points, or open spaces.


With an advanced surveillance system, tracking trespassers and preventing banned people from attempting to enter—or locating them once they have entered—is much easier. The best solutions offer optional modules that provide additional functionality, such as facial recognition for detecting undesirable individuals or automated license plate recognition for reading and recording license plates from virtually anywhere on your property.


Fully integrated systems also provide an in-depth record of trespassers or banned individuals, including prior incidents and visits (if this isn’t their first interaction), to help your team act accordingly. Full histories and profiles of visitors are always easily accessible by your staff. In the event law enforcement is called for assistance, these records may also be useful to the responding officers.


Efficiently Capture All Vital Details

When allowing outsiders into your organization’s facilities, it’s crucial to capture the information required to generate a complete record of visitors. The days of pen and paper check-ins are nearly past –and for good reason—visitors can easily lie or withhold important details when checking in.


To combat this, some organizations now require security to capture information from visitors’ driver’s licenses or similar identification cards. Thanks to improvements in technology, officers can save time by simply scanning visitor IDs, and the information auto-populates corresponding report fields within their organizations’ security and surveillance management software.


Quickly Access Important Data

There may be occasions where your team needs to quickly search for and find information about a visitor. Prior to the development of current technology, compiling this information was a manual task that often resulted in extensive delays and diverted energy away from other tasks. However, today’s advanced surveillance systems allow visitor details to be accessed with a few simple clicks of the mouse.


All data collected by the surveillance or security team is always readily available for viewing, no matter when it was reported. Quick, easy access to data ensures your team can remain focused on their most important task – keeping your organization safe and secure.


Proactively Prevent Incidents

Working proactively to prevent crimes and incidents from ever occurring is the most important – and complex – task surveillance teams strive to accomplish.


Prior to modern day technology, this was nearly impossible. However, today’s software gives surveillance teams an edge on prevention. Advanced surveillance systems automate, streamline, and correlate data from your team’s many tasks to provide more insight into what’s occurring within your organization.


Fully integrated solutions pull records and data from multiple sources, including surveillance cameras, incident reporting software, and visitor management systems, enabling your team to be more proactive than reactive to potential threats.

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