Law Enforcement Suite

Law Enforcement Suite

Streamline departmental processes and improve reporting efficiencies with Omnigo's fully integrated law enforcement software suite.

Law Enforcement Software Suite

Streamline departmental processes and improve reporting efficiencies with Omnigo's fully integrated law enforcement software suite

Omnigo Software brings a DNA of public safety, law enforcement, and a technology-driven approach to designing solutions that help accelerate digital transformation in the market.

Our vision is to help agencies and officers protect public and private communities, prevent adverse events from occurring, and preserve brand value and assets.

Omnigo Law Enforcement suite is a comprehensive enterprise-grade platform with a core Records Management System, and an application engine that can design and develop custom workflows for different uses and agency mandates.

Our products offer 256-bit encryption security, ensuring uncompromisable data confidence at rest, in motion, and at end devices.



911 Dispatch

Omnigo Computer Aided Dispatch delivers the speed, functionality and ease-of-use required for dispatch centers to efficiently execute on in-bound...


Jail Management

Omnigo Jail Management module (JMS) provides full detention management capabilities for municipal and county jails of all sizes. As with other...


Records Management System

At the core of all Law Enforcement modules is the Records Management (RMS), an advanced reporting system designed to deliver multiple solutions to...


Case Management

Omnigo Case Management module helps law enforcement agency officers create a diverse range of cases: from criminal acts to injuries to fires, and...



Omnigo Citations module is an integrated tool to issue citations and manage them by automatically populating information that already exists in...


Code Enforcement

Omnigo’s Code Enforcement module is designed to automate the critical business processes required for code enforcement by municipalities and...


Court Administration

Omnigo’s Court Administration module is designed for municipal courts and integrates seamlessly with our Records Management and electronic...


Evidence Management

Omnigo Evidence Management is a paperless physical evidence management system, designed to simplify evidence tracking, and save time for officers...


Mobile Patrol

The Omnigo Mobile Patrol provides dispatch and related information to mobile computer-equipped patrol units. Utilizing commercial wireless...



Quartermaster is the most advanced comprehensive inventory management system for managing uniforms, vests, gear, weapons, radios, fleet vehicles...


Regional Data Sharing

Omnigo’s technology platform has been a leader in data sharing well before the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Today, more than ever,...


Digital Evidence Management

Save time managing your digital evidence by moving away from hard to index files and outdated DVDs and into a single, secure digital evidence...


Incident Management, Reimagined

The Rhodium™ Incident Management Suite provides a complete command and control solution allowing you to quickly consolidate information,...