Digital Evidence

A single, secure repository to manage and authenticate all forms of digital evidence

Eliminate the time and effort of manually trying to find digital evidence that is stored in property rooms on drives or DVDs.

Omnigo Digital Evidence Management is a comprehensive solution to manage digital evidence such as digital images, videos, and audio recordings, and evidentiary documents, forensic images, and video enhancements, with optional tools to process the evidence for analysis and presentation in court.

It provides an entire digital ecosystem from capture to disposition of files that come from multiple sources such as cell phones, professional cameras, police car camera systems, and video surveillance cameras – all in one centralized repository. Apply analytics around evidence within and across cases. With Omnigo Digital Evidence Management, you are most likely to comply with evidence regulations versus keeping digital files on hard drives, thumb drives, and DVD’s.

DEMS Key Features


Easily upload and ensure full integrity of all types and sizes of digital evidence taken from smartphones, digital cameras, black boxes, body cameras, and video surveillance cameras, which the system checks for originality and authenticates.

Barcode Tracking

Look up evidence and verify chain of custody with unique barcodes assigned to each physical evidence item or group of items packaged together. Systematically tag digital information to an incident or case.

Share Access

Easily share digital evidence with multiple constituencies, including police officers, prosecutors, court staff, and defense agents – in a chain of custody, keeping record of who received what information and at what time.

Secure Access

Search and share evidence that is password protected and stored in a secure data storage network, accessible to authorized personnel. Monitor and record user access activity including those in the chain of custody.

Police Safety Mobile App

This included app turns a smartphone into a single device for documenting the scene of a crime or incident. An officer can take images and videos at the scene, and record interviews, dictate electronic notes, record evidence descriptions, and capture contact data for involved parties and witnesses. Easy upload to QueTel’s state-of-the-art back end software means that all images and videos are immediately available for review, along with automatically transcribed interviews, notes and evidence descriptions.

Omnigo Digital Evidence Management is offered in three different feature packages – Bronze, Silver and Gold. The feature breakdown for each package is as follows:

Digital Evidence Management Repository
Police Mobile App
Web browser upload, folder upload
Authenticate, Annotate, and Tag Videos
Restrict access to files & Restriction Rules
Auto Backup of Digital Files
Searching & Basic reporting capabilities
Maintain Chain of Custody for all digital files
Folder View of Digital Files
Share Data with outside agencies/individuals
Basic Image editing
Image calibration & scale printing
Integrate with Photoshop
Scheduled & User defined retention policies
Custom Notifications/Email Alerts
Watermark based on Roles
Physical Evidence Management System
Digital Requests & Outside Agency Digital Upload
Auto transcribe audio & video files
Network-based digital upload
Customize data entry forms and fields
Ad-hoc Report writer
Building Letters & Forms
Electronic Disposition
Inventory Management for Property & Evidence