Evidence Management

Evidence Management

Present the right information at the right time in the right detail, digitally

Omnigo Evidence Management is a paperless physical evidence management system, designed to simplify evidence tracking, and save time for officers and custodians from submission through approval of disposition.

Submitting evidence and approving of its disposition can be very labor-intensive, but with Evidence TraQ these tasks are simplified and less time consuming. When combined with Digital TraQ, the officer can enter digital evidence from the same screen used to enter physical evidence.

Automate Inventory:

Replace paper-based manual processes with a secure, all-in-one automated system that manages the entire process from intake, taking inventory, checking out items to the lab or court, and showing exactly what is available and when an item is eligible for disposition.

Complete Chain of Custody:

Maintain an accurate and complete chain of custody with advanced security features for point-and-click evidence searches and reports, barcode inventory audit, and electronic disposition and handling of property room evidence such as DVDs.

Active Directory:

Leverage the Active Directory integration, which can run on a virtual environment, thereby simplifying the IT department’s management of the software. CJIS compliant, it provides tools for role-based access to the application and an activity log, as well as a cradle-to-grave item history that goes beyond the typical chain of custody.

Data Integration:

Comprehensive case files are accessible with the RMS and Digital TraQ integration, which automatically exports and integrates files and data via a centralized, web-based digital interface.