Maintain accurate records of all your assets

Automated Inventory and Asset Management for Public Safety Agencies and First Responder Departments

Many agencies and departments continue to employ manual methods of tracking and managing equipment and supply usage, leaving them exposed to potential stock outages and under-equipped personnel. And while some RMS solutions may include basic inventory tracking capabilities, they don’t address the key requirements of most departments.

Omnigo’s QuarterMaster platform automates this tracking process, provides updated features, boosts operational efficiency, adds accountability and eliminates waste in the tracking of all assets, consumables and returnables.

QuarterMaster’s Key Features:

Uses intelligent barcode tracking to manage supply information and physical inventory levels in a centralized system that can be accessed by all agency units

Tracks all equipment, uniforms, vehicle contents, pooled items and other supplies across multiple issue points and locations in a single mobile-enabled system

Streamlines ordering through kit management and an optional online storefront

Displays all assets and supplies that have been issued to each individual officer or responder, regardless of their location

Ensures accountability through equipment check-in/check-out and tracks officer/unit supply consumption

Simplifies shelf inventory management and re-stocking while managing asset usage, inspections, calibrations and maintenance

Provides powerful inventory searches and reporting

Scales to meet the needs of any agency or department size

Sends re-order point and warranty expiration alerts

Provides optional integration with Active Directory

Automate Inventory and Asset Management for Your Public Safety and First Responder Personnel

QuarterMaster is offered in three different feature packages – Bronze, Silver and Gold. The feature breakdown for each package is as follows:

Qmaster Management System
Asset/Product Attachments
Inventory Management
Transactions lookup/Search
Queries & Print Reports
Store Images per Record
Stock Relocation
Inventory Adjustments
Expiration Reminders
Grant-funded Asset Tracking
Re-order Management
Check in/ Check out
Ad-hoc Reports
Kit Management
Online Store
Maintenance Module (Checklist)
User Defined fields
Maximum Allowance