Regional Data Sharing

Regional Data Sharing

Enable transparency and protocols with other agencies

Omnigo’s technology platform has been a leader in data sharing well before the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Today, more than ever, public safety agencies need secure and rapid sharing of information. With Omnigo’s Regional Data Sharing, neighboring agencies can view each other’s data right from their Records Management software.

The Regional Data Sharing module allows each agency to define the exact fields of data that are shared. Separate sharing agreements can be defined for each regional partner, thus allowing for varying degrees of data sharing with each partner. All inquiries are tracked and available with audit reports.

With Regional Data Sharing, information from a regional partner can be imported without new entry functions. Prisoner booking, for example, can use existing data if the subject has been entered previously in a partner agency’s system. The module’s innovative security features enable agencies to allow their partners access via Regional Data Sharing (RDS) without actually divulging credentials. This is accomplished by creating an RDS agreement (encrypted certificate) and sharing it with the partner agency. Once installed, access is allowed and no credentials are revealed. Each certificate is unique and can only be used by one agency. Every request and response between agencies is encrypted, providing a safe and effective solution that can be configured to meet the unique needs of each agency.