Evidence Management and Courts

Maintain a Complete Chain of Custody

Omnigo Evidence Management Suite utilizes one centralized digital ecosystem to ensure evidence is correctly handled and in the right hands with complete chain of custody.

Four Critical ICMS Solutions

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Omnigo Investigation Case Management:

Designed to combine the best features of all Omnigo evidence management solutions, Investigation Case Management allows users to easily organize case data and communicate a clear, straightforward story of the crime scene.


Investigation Case Management Highlights

  • Store traditional, structured records data and all multimedia together in one centralized location 
  • Create a full audit trail to ensure evidence is handled correctly with a complete chain of custody
  • Filter files by folder name, uploaded by, uploaded between specific dates, category, and file type
  • CJIS-certified, cloud-based server backs up evidence in several places
  • Security control measures ensure the right people see the right things


Omnigo Digital Evidence:

Create an entire digital ecosystem from capture to disposition of files from multiple sources such as cell phones, body-worn cameras, professional cameras, police car camera systems, and video surveillance cameras – all in one centralized repository.


Digital Evidence Highlights

  • Centralized system for filing, storing and maintaining evidence
  • Cloud-based solution reduces storage limitations
  • Civilian access to upload digital evidence
  • Review and process uploaded digital evidence easily and efficiently
  • Capture and upload critical evidence that only approved parties can access
  • Archive by active and cold cases
  • Receive reminders regarding evidence post-court case or when the statute has expired 
  • Integrate with existing RMS systems

Omnigo Courts:

Investigators can now gather evidence effortlessly from multiple sources and securely manage all digital evidence from capture to disposition. This allows the evidence to be easily captured, stored, and processed for analysis and presentation in court.


Courts Highlights

  • Quick access for upload or download to create court and Judge ready evidence packages
  • Manage all digital evidence in one centralized digital ecosystem
  • Capture and upload critical evidence that can only be accessed by approved parties
  • Provide court clerks the ability to review and process uploaded evidence easily and efficiently 
  • Utilize a traceable method for presenting digital evidence
  • Litigants can directly upload digital evidence related to their case
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting dashboards

Omnigo Physical Evidence:

Replace outdated paper-based manual processes with Omnigo Physical Evidence Management – a secure, all-in-one automated system that manages the entire process, including intake, inventory tracking, and item check-in/out.


Physical Evidence Highlights

  • Maintain chain of custody from the crime scene to court 
  • Receive reminders regarding evidence post-court 
  • Customized status based on individual state requirements that notify you when the statute expires
  • Quickly and easily find which items are available for each case

Stop Wasting Time with Outdated Processes

Keep Evidence Room Free of Clutter

All evidence is tagged with a charge associated with the Statute of Limitations. Your evidence manager will receive a notification to dispose of outdated evidence.


Create Judge-Ready Packages

Easily access and manage digital evidence to securely upload and retrieve the data you need to create court- and judge-ready packages.


Interface with Any Court System

Courts can seamlessly integrate with virtually any system. Any information you input into your current software will feed into the courts platform and vice versa.


Standardize Your Approval Process

The evidence custodian can review an officer's evidence, then approve or reject it. If the evidence is rejected, the officer receives a notification to make a correction.


End-to-End Integrated Evidence Management Solution

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Our ability to generate digital evidence is accelerating, and policing is becoming a high-tech profession.

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