Command and Planning

Plan, Respond, and Recover with Omnigo Command and Planning

Command and Planning is a pre-planning and incident management solution that coordinates every element of event planning and incident response under a single strategic control center to save lives, protect property, and better utilize resources. 

Gain Control of Your Event Planning


Our intuitive suite of features helps you develop and optimize planning, response, and recovery for incidents of any size and complexity. Command and Planning, powered by Rhodium, is engineered with user-friendly, cutting-edge technology to ensure that your organization is ready to protect and secure your community.


Command and Planning Highlights

  • Share event plans with external stakeholders such as EMS, Fire, and Public Safety officials
  • Be fully informed with multi-layer mapping
  • Integrate with Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) software
  • Know where your staff is at all times and instantly change assignments during fast-moving situations
  • Collaborate on IAPs from multiple devices or locations 
  • Quickly complete ICS forms and incident action plans
  • Constant communication between ground staff and operations center decreases the time for critical information to be distributed to necessary parties 


Quality, Data-Driven Pre-Planning

Update Event Plans Instantly

Key stakeholders can quickly access, monitor, and update information instantaneously from anywhere.


Strong Multi-Layered Mapping Capabilities

With our multi-layered mapping, your team can import layers, build custom layers, or make use of one of our standard layers, which can be part of pre-plans or enabled during an event.


Seamlessly Integrate with CAD Systems

Integrations with industry-leading CAD systems mean a standard 911 call to dispatch can trigger an event plan, enabling pre-planned responses to deploy without missing a beat.


Save Time with Report Sharing

Report sharing allows multiple users to complete their accountabilities simultaneously, using multiple devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones) for faster, more efficient, complete, and compliant event reporting.


The Best Planning and Response

The quality of any incident response plan relies on these critical elements:

  • Complete, up-to-the-minute geospatial knowledge
  • Comprehensive situational awareness
  • Connected, unified response by all agency and mutual aid partners

Your software matters. Prepare your team for any incident with Command and Planning.

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About Omnigo

For more than 20 years, Omnigo software solutions have been the preferred choice for law enforcementeducationhealthcaregaming, hospitality, and corporate enterprises. Currently, Omnigo’s solutions are used by over 2,000 customers in 20 different countries. At Omnigo, we’re committed to helping customers secure their organizations’ property, control operational costs, and ensure the safety of the general public.

We believe our customers deserve the best support available to protect their people, assets, and brand. We also understand how challenging it can be to protect the community without the proper resources. We’re here to arm users with the best tools in the industry. With a team that includes former law enforcement, first responders, and other public safety professionals, we’re uniquely qualified to understand exactly what our customers need to protect their community.

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Safer Communities

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SWAT and Emergency Management

By deploying Rhodium, the Plano Police Department and Plano Department of Emergency Management can now view and update critical incident information.

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