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Underreporting of workplace violence is a significant problem in healthcare. As high as the reported numbers are, actual incidents of workplace violence are likely much higher. One study reported on by the ASIS Healthcare Security Council suggests that nurses only report 50% of workplace violence incidents, and The Joint Commission reports the number of injuries caused by workplace violence in healthcare could be three times the numbers actually reported.


According to a report by the American Nurses Association, often healthcare workers don’t report incidents because they perceive violence as a normal part of the job, fear retaliation, or believe it won’t change the situation, but it’s essential to cultivate a culture where reporting is encouraged, supported, and required.  


With Omnigo Community, staff and visitors can anonymously report incidents or suspicious behavior and location via a simple, two-way chat interface that supports video and photo file attachments.


With Community, you can also:

  • Communicate quickly in fast-moving situations by notifying users with location-based or organization-wide push notifications
  • Provide quick, convenient mobile access to safety procedures and policies
  • Dispatch officers to where they’re needed most with GPS capabilities that pinpoint where reports are generated
  • Save time by generating case reports from submissions
  • Integrate with both Record Exec Dispatch and Incident Reporting
  • Customize with your organization’s branding
  • Access the software via a secure, online dashboard or Omnigo Dispatch
  • Integrate with Omnigo Incident Reporting, enabling users to examine and analyze incident data and track trends

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