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Safer, Smarter Evidence Management for Today's Changing Courtroom Environment


The growing demand for virtual courts and the volume of digital evidence flooding the system continues to challenge courts’ abilities to securely receive, evaluate, and present digital evidence. Most court management systems are not designed to manage large quantities of digital evidence on a single platform.


Courts need to find ways to manage the dramatic increase in the volume of digital evidence collected from law enforcement, civilians, and other parties.


Omnigo Courts is designed specifically to ease the burden on the courts’ ability to receive, evaluate, protect, and present digital evidence.

Efficiently Collect and Manage All Digital Evidence in One System

Store traditional records data and multimedia in one place to ensure you’re meeting regulatory standards, and data can be easily found and expunged when necessary

Cloud-Based, Web-Based Solution

The CJIS-certified, cloud-based server backs up evidence in several places


Safeguard and Monitor the Chain of


Constituents fully control the handling, possession, and custody of all evidence, ensuring it’s handled effectively

Enhance Security and Ensure the Right People See the Right Things

Security control measures help make sure only the people who should see the evidence can view it




Today, many courts rely on several systems to gather, create packages, and dispose of digital evidence and case packages, running the risk of mismanaged evidence and errors.


With Omnigo Courts, users can store traditional, structured records data and all multimedia together in one place, ensuring they’re meeting regulatory standards and that data to be easily found and expunged.

  • Electronic portal allows litigants to upload their digital evidence prior to court dates
  • Quickly manage the digital evidence process at every stage
  • Allows stakeholders to upload evidence to a case file and a certain hearing date
  • Sort evidence, assign exhibit numbers, and keep evidence confidential if needed


Omnigo Courts’ cloud-based, web-based server enables users to securely collect, access, and share evidence.



  • Faster resolution to bugs and problems
  • Faster updates push
  • Well-tested environment ensures 100% compatibility with the application for new updates



  • No limits on access, downloads, or storage
  • Infrastructure is historical up to 99.999999% of the time
  • Server scaling up/down based on demand


Security and Data Privacy

  • AWS-Gov-Cloud specific environment
  • CJIS Privacy Act compliant
  • Data encrypted at rest and in-transit
  • Firewall and intrusion detection
  • Customers owns the data


Data Recovery

  • Data files are written three times to ensure no file is ever lost
  • Data backups are automatic
  • Backups are kept for seven days



Your current process may run the risk of breaking chain of custody, security, and compliance rules, compromising evidence and cases.


Omnigo Courts allows constituents to fully control the handling, possession, and custody of all evidence, ensuring it’s handled effectively and is always in the right hands of appropriate individuals.


Easily share evidentiary files with multiple constituencies in a chain of custody that automatically records who received what information and when.



Omnigo Courts has security control measures in place to ensure the right people see the right things. Users can search and share evidence that is password protected, stored in a secure data storage network, and accessible only to authorized personnel.

  • Monitor and record user access activity including those in the chain of custody
  • Builds transparency across constituents while providing data integrity and insights
  • Easily upload and ensure full integrity of all types and sizes of digital evidence with our system that checks for originality and authenticates.
  • Search and share evidence that is password protected and stored in a secure data storage network and accessible only to authorized personnel
  • Monitor and record user access activity including those in the chain of custody


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