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Collect and Manage all Digital Evidence in One Place

Easily access evidence, share and request files, set up permissions and rules to enhance safety, and purge data when it’s no longer needed. Eliminate the time and effort spent manually trying to find digital evidence that’s stored in property rooms on drives or DVDs. Store traditional, structured records data and all multimedia together in one place, ensuring you meet regulatory standards, and data can be easily found and expunged when necessary.


Maintain Chain of Custody Reporting

Manage and store all digital evidence in one centralized location and quickly retrieve data when needed. Easily pull reports, give access to those who need it, and create court-ready packages. Create a full audit trail and ensure evidence is handled correctly and in the right hands with a complete chain of custody.

Evidence Management from Submission through Disposition

Create an entire digital ecosystem from capture through disposition with files from multiple sources – all in one centralized repository.

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Ensure Your Digital Evidence is Protected

You never need to worry about data breaches or internal errors. The CJIS-certified, cloud-based server backs up evidence in several places and has security-control measures in place to ensure the right people see the right things.

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Mobile Upload and Tracking Helps Ensure Chain of Custody

Upload and manage evidence from virtually any location, ensuring proper chain of custody. Our integrated mobile app provides an all-in-one integrated solution to document crime scenes, dictate notes and evidence descriptions, record interviews, and write field narratives. This evidence is automatically captured and stored in the portal for immediate access by approved parties.