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digital evidence management system software solution platform

Digital Evidence Management Software

All your digital evidence in one spot. Streamline how you manage digital evidence with our powerful and user-friendly software. Securely access, share, and manage all types of digital evidence from one central location. With easy-to-set permissions and automated data purging, you can maintain compliance effortlessly. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual searches and scattered storage.

digital evidence management system software solution platform

Track Every Step with a Full Audit

Maintain a detailed audit trail for every piece of digital evidence – track when it was created, all actions taken, who accessed or modified it, and any changes to metadata. Each entry logs the update time, the user involved, and the specific action, ensuring complete transparency and accountability.

Share Digital Evidence with Confidence and Control

Use our Virtual Viewing Room to securely share files with stakeholders like District Attorneys, defense attorneys, or other agencies. Set access durations, limit views, authenticate users, and meticulously track all activity by user, time, and IP address.

digital evidence management system software solution platform
Evidence Submission FOCUSED

Fast-Track Digital Evidence Submission

Accelerate the submission of digitally captured evidence – from CCTV footage from shop owners and photos from witnesses, to interview audio from officers. Investigators and evidence technicians can request digital evidence through a secure, system-generated link sent directly to cell phones or email accounts, facilitating easy and direct file uploads.


Automate Digital Evidence File Purging

Control, comply, and cut storage costs by automating the scheduled purging of digital evidence files. Set up rules to delete files based on criteria like crime charged, case disposition, or file age—executed after hours to avoid disrupting your workflow. Choose to have a designated user notified for a final review before purging, ensuring precision and oversight.

Statistics and Reporting-1

Unlock Powerful Insights with Easy Statistical Reporting

Generate and share detailed statistical reports with ease to better manage your digital evidence inventory. Monitor key metrics such as storage by file type and space usage, as well as file activity, including uploads, views, downloads, and prints. Customize your reports by time periods to easily identify trends and make informed decisions.

Track Your Evidence in Investigations

Our Investigations and Case Management (ICMS) software accelerates time to case closure by making the management of case information, including digital evidence, easier through a unified view and central point of command.