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Create and Schedule Tours

Dropdown lists and drag and drop selectors allow quick creation of guard tours that can cover an entire building or a single door check. Tours can be scheduled to repeat daily/weekly/monthly/yearly, end after a set number of occurrences, or stop on a specific date.


Assign Dynamic Checklists to Check Points

Easily create and assign a dynamic form or checklist of required activities to be performed and verified at each check point. Verification activities can include logging a response using radio buttons or a dropdown picklist, capturing and uploading digital media, or submitting an e-signature.

Run Tours with Automated Proof of Presence

Officers are prompted on a desktop or mobile device to begin a scheduled or unscheduled tour assigned to them. Integration with check point technologies (barcodes, beacons, NFC tags) automatically record the time, date, and location of the officer at each assigned stop.


Set Supervisor Notifications and Alerts

Supervisors can receive automated notifications to guard tour exceptions such as tours not starting on time, ending on time, or stopping before completion. Notifications can be configured to send to single or multiple email addresses and mobile numbers, or viewed in the Guard Tour application.


Limit Risk of Liability

Limit risk of liability with the audit trail created within Guard Tour reports. Flexible reporting allows you to include any activity performed by the officer during a guard tour, along with the date, time, and location verification captured by the system.