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Find Time. Lose Inefficiency.

Reclaim time lost in the inefficiency of using spreadsheets and logbooks to manage found items within your properties. Replace them with a secure and scalable lost and found property management software system full of automation, auditing, and reporting capabilities you can configure to match your unique business processes.

Lost and found software for lost property

Speed Time to Entry Using a System You Configure

Speed the time to capture details about a lost or found item using easily configurable dropdown menus and an unlimited number of selections you create to match the specific terminology and use of individual locations, departments, and teams.

Lost and found software for lost property

Rapidly Reunite Owners with Items using Smart Matching

One-button click initiates an automatic search to smartly match found and lost items using criteria like item category, description, color, and location, then returns a Match Score ranking with a listing of selectable items.

Proactively Manage Unclaimed Property using Notifications

Reduce the strain and expense of managing and storing unclaimed property using automated notifications that signal when items have exceeded a customizable Hold Until date and are ready for disposal. Notifications can be sent immediately or scheduled at regular intervals.

Lost and found software for lost property

Securely Return Found Items with an Automated Verification Process

Returning a found item to the rightful owner automatically launches a verification process in which various forms of ID can be requested, signatures captured, and notes made regarding how the item is to be returned and if a reward is due.


Drive Decisions using Real-Time Data

Efficiently manage the lifecycle of found inventory using a powerful and easy-to-use reporting engine with fully customizable reports and dashboards. Know in real-time total inventory value, aging status, and year-to-date disposals.

15 Minutes to Regain Control

A 15-minute live demonstration of Omnigo's Lost and Found Property Management system will show you how to reclaim time and regain control of your property management versus using spreadsheets and logbooks.