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Delete the Sheet

Quartermaster software erases the limitations of using spreadsheets and paper logs to track all assets for a variety of industries. Replace them with a secure, scalable, and efficient asset management software with automation, collaboration, and reporting capabilities.

Quartermaster Platform

Receive Assets into Inventory Easily with Barcode Scanning

Bring new assets into inventory quickly and easily by scanning a barcode you create or one existing on supplier packaging. With each scan, our Quartermaster software instantly shows the current quantity on hand, storage location, and future orders.

Quartermaster solutions

Speed the Issuing of Assets using Bundled Kits

Speed the process of issuing assets by kitting smaller serialized and non-serialized assets with a larger one. Quartermaster software allows individual items such as a two-way radio, leather belt holster, speaker mic, earpiece, and extra battery to all be included in a single COMMS kit number without losing the ability to cost and maintain each item.

100% Configurable by You

Quartermaster software works the way you want it to, not the other way around. You can instantly configure every label and selectable data element to match the specific terminology and data utilization needs of individual departments or teams.

Proactively Manage Asset Status with Automated Alerts

Proactively manage the status of assets by creating automated alerts that signal important events such as expiration dates past, total number of uses exceeded, or low stock levels met. Budgetary alerts can notify when spending exceeds a set maximum and automatically suspend new purchase order submissions on that item.

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Easily Schedule and Track the Maintenance of Assets

Schedule, assign, and track the maintenance of any asset such as an annual inspection on a vehicle or an unplanned repair to its light bar. Quartermaster tracks labor and part costs, as well as total service time, and records them for easy measurement against budget and technician workload.


Transfer Assets with Speed and Accuracy

Quickly and easily transfer assets between individuals, locations, and organizations by scanning the item or kit barcode and selecting the recipient from a dropdown list.  Quartermaster software will show all items currently in transfer as well as an audit trail of all past transfers involving the asset. 

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Reduce Time Handling Requests with Self-Service Store

Reduce time spent fulfilling requests for inventoried items by providing a self-service option through a department managed online store. A speaker mic damaged in an altercation can be ordered by an officer and delivered directly to a location or made for pick-up from the Quartermaster. 

100% Integrated or Stand-Alone

Omnigo Quartermaster can stand alone as a powerful asset management tool or operate seamlessly within a full suite of offerings from dispatch to disposition using a singular database and user experience.